MilkCrateBench_1The DIY gods were looking out for me today as I attempted this milk crate bench seat construction. After ‘finding’ some milk crates I was pleasantly surprised that the rest of the goodies required for the job were in my garage and already cut to size.  HOW OFTEN DOES THAT HAPPEN!

BenchSeat_2For this project you will need two milk crates, a plank of board (anything that you can find that you want to recycle, or pick up at new bit at the hardware store and get them to cut it to size), six cable ties, foam to fit the top of your board, fabric of your choosing, and a staple gun.  Getting the ingredients together will take far longer than the actual construction. In fact its such an easy project that you can probably finish it in the time it takes to boil the kettle.

BenchSeat_3Laying the crates side by side use your cable ties to fasten them together. I found that six were enough to make my two crates sturdy and stuck together. Cut the excess bits of cables ties off with some scissors.

Benchseat_4Place your foam, then your board down on top of your fabric. I have chosen hessian but as I am planning to use my bench seat on the front porch I am putting a waterproof layer underneath the hessian. The waterproofer is a scuffed and damaged bit of plastic table cloth. Rather than see it go to waste I have placed the print on the inside so only the white will be visible through the hessian and now it gets a second least at life. Cut your fabric to allow for around a 15 cm overhang so you can fold your fabric over the edge for stapling, and fold the raw edge on the inside (like a hem) and staple it down creating a neat finish (see below). If you leave the raw edges out the hessian will fray.

BenchSeat_5Now you have a neatly stapled bench seat top with foamy goodness for your bottom the only thing left to do is set it up and decorate it. YAY! Thats the fun bit.

BenchSeat_6Reflecting on your awesomeness on top of your finished product is an optional extra but highly recommended. The photography of the reflection on top of your project may be unnecessary.

BenchSeat_7Seriously though, after the goofing around my crates were put to use for their intended purpose, boot storage. Not quite as pretty as the indoor decorating variety but it creates a practical entry for our house and a way to keep dirty work boots (mine and his) looking tidy. This bench seat could be used pretty much anywhere. It would make great budget friendly seating for a party or wedding and it would take very little time to knock it together.

Happy Creating!


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