Recycling doesn’t have to be hard work to get pretty results.

Sometimes it can be hard to believe that DIY can be easy (especially when it involves power tools) but most things, when broken down to their smaller steps, are pretty achievable no matter your skill level! This project came about because Spring has sprung… and what better time than now to start getting your shit in order. If you are anything like me, a creative minded person with a busy schedule who is trying to get the most out of every day, then there might a chance that your house looks like someone tipped it upside down, shook it around, and righted it again. There are periods of time when cleaning happens easily in our home (this is usually when semester has ended and the Mr. isn’t travelling for work) but a lot of the time it’s the afterthought. This DIY hall hook is both an effort to get more organised and a way to use these beautiful draw handles that have been floating around the garage.

First things first. HOW PRETTY ARE THESE HANDLES!?! There were bought a while back when I overhauled a thrifted side table. The side table long gone (sadly it was MDF from the 80/90’s and fell apart), I salvaged these handles and have been wondering what to do with them since. Then it dawned on me. Hall hooks! Heading into our garage of crap (sorry, it’s blunt I know but our garage if full of old wood) I found one of the old slats from the thrifted bed I’ve owned for seven years. Ged has sourced some nice recycled hardwood palings to make us a new bed and half the slats on this old one a broken so this was the perfect contender for an up-cycle. After grabbing some power tools (a drill and an angle grinder) a tape measure and a pencil I was ready to go.

If you want to attempt this up-cycle and don’t have a garage full of crap to scavenge in, you could easily find something at your local recycled timber centre, tip-shop, op-shop, thrift store, online at Gumtree, or check for people doing renovations in your local area and ask them for any unwanted building materials. I actually found a whole collection of mismatched ex building-showroom handles at my local tip-shop recycle market a few weeks back and thought about using them for a project like this until it dawned on me that these Moroccan draw handles would be perfect for it and I already owned them.




Let’s get crafty!

Firstly you will need to work out the spacing for your handles. There is a bit of info here on how to get this right. Once you have the spacing calculated use a pencil to mark were you plan to drill your holes. Be sure to measure the distance from the top of the plank with each hole to make sure all the holes are drilled at the same height. This will ensure all your handles are in a straight line.




Using a drill bit the same size as the bolt on your handles drill your holes across your board on all your predetermined pencil marks. Believe it or not this is honestly about as complicated as this whole DIY process gets.




Take the nut off your handles, push the bolt through the hole and screw the nut back on tight. Use a pair of pliers to tighten further and after this step you are pretty much done! My bolts were really long so I had to get fancy and use and angle grinder to shear the length off (otherwise they would poke holes in the wall). If you have to do this with yours be sure to use safety glasses and don’t fear the angle grinder. They look scary with all the sparks but they are actually pretty easy to use. Ask someone to give you a quick demo if you have never used one before.




You will need something to affix your hall hooks to the wall. If you are renting (and/or feeling lazy) you could use some self adhesive hooks (check your local hardware store for ones that will meet your weight requirements) otherwise you can use picture hanging hooks. These ones I tore off the back of an old picture frame. All they needed were a few screws to secure them firmly to the wood. Be sure to check that your screws are short enough to drill into the wood to secure the hook tight, but won’t drill all the way through to the other side. We don’t want to make rookie mistakes like this on the final step!




All you have to do now is affix your hall hooks to the wall! Alas the area I hung mine in doesn’t have the most epic lighting or camera angles so it hasn’t translated well in photos but it does the job well and I’m excited to be one step closer to a less chaotic living space.

Have you completed a similar DIY? If so please share the results with us below.



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