Unique is the new black

Monogramming, DIY design, and more- there is no denying that fashion is taking a turn for the unique! Whether this is our creative sides fighting back against the Normcore movement that’s plagued our stores for a few years now, or a decision to bring the personality back into our faceless, nameless, fast fashion items, personalisation is here to stay.

I’ve decided to bring you a little DIY inspiration having finally got my lazy-ass around to customising some of the goodies I’ve had in my ‘must-work-on-this’ pile. There are loads of way to make your mark on your closet and they are only limited by your imagination. Let’s look at some of the options.


Creative geniuses in DIY

While it’s always fun to wrack your brain for ideas (because you can come up with some wild ones this way) it’s sometimes easier just to head over to see what other creatives are doing to speed your mental processes! These creative suggestions for folks to check out might not be to your taste, but sometimes looking at things you don’t normally look at can really get the creative juices flowing!

Watch this space for ideas.

Looking for some customisation ideas? Check out this collection of DIY videos I rounded up from the web. They should give you some inspo on how you might like to work with what you have to make it even more ‘yours’.

In the videos provided you will find ways to:

  • customise your backpack
  • make a tassel
  • update your tee
  • create your very own embroidered patch
  • and turn an ugly op-shop cap into a work of art.

My DIY’s

I’ve always been a fan of making things my own. The way I’ve done this hasn’t always been aesthetically pleasing (thinking of a pair of pink flares with hand-stiched smiley faces on them that I wore to a festival back in 99′) but I’ve always loved the process of making something my own. I’ve provided a few pics of my recent DIY customisations for your own creative inspiration. I might look back on these in a few years from now and wonder ‘what WAS I thinking‘, but heck, you gotta enjoy yourself while you can!

  • Image 1: This patch was one side of a damaged vintage Afghani purse. I’m loving it as a denim jacket update!
  • Image 2: I found this embroidered patch in a pile of scrap fabric at a crafting workshop. The person running the workshop said I could keep it :-). It’s a cute update to some old shorts.
  • Image 3: These overalls are nearly more holes than fabric. A few patches makes them even more unique.


What’s your favourite way to customise your clothes? Share it with us below.


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