First up, this idea was not mine.

There is an image of it burnt into the back of  my brain having seen it somewhere online and not taken note of the source. If you have seen it too and know the source please share it with us in the comments section so the appropriate owner of the produce bag pot scrubber patent gets the kudos.

This plastic produce bag was something that had been part of my waste weigh up challenge waste stream. Being nearly 99.89% certain that it can’t be recycled in my area something had to be done with it to avoid ending up in landfill in the immediate future.

To turn a “destined for landfill’ bag from waste to resource required little more than stuffing and some knot tying skills. Easy!

The pot scrubber I made is stuffed with tulle that my Mr. had bought to make aquarium nets years ago but had discovered was the wrong size for his purpose. You could easily use any other synthetic fabric, a ripped-beyond-repair polyester blouse would work perfectly! Remember that natural fabrics like cotton will hold water for longer and are biodegrade so they may get a little stinky on your  kitchen bench and the dampness and food particles would be a fabulous breeding ground for mould. Not the kind of kitchen guest most folk want. Synthetics are the way to go for this project.

After removing the metal bit from the green mesh bag and turning it inside out the stop the hard melted plastic end at the base from scratching dishes making your own post scrubber is as easy as stuffing the bag, and tying a knot. I started my stuffing by tying my tulle off around the hard plastic so it stays on the inside indefinitely and doesnt come sneaking back through the mesh. You can fold the (in my case) green ‘tail’ excess bit of bag back over the stuffed and knotted ball and knot it again on the other side. This ‘double layer’ of mesh will make it stronger and also means that you don’t end up snipping off the ‘green tail’ and sending it to landfill. Meaning that the whole produce bag is up cycled and nothing goes to landfill.

If my recycled polyester Body Polisher  shower wash cloth is anything to go by the up cycled produce bag should live out a few good years as a pot scrubber before meeting its demise.

Obviously the best thing to do is to avoid purchasing items that come in single use plastic wrapping, but if you happen to have some plastic contraband like this  in your refrigerator you can give it a new lease on life before it ends up in dump.

If you have any super-duper kitchen up cycling tips you want to share let us know below.



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