It’s bigger than a dress!

For the month of December I will be participating in Dressember because I believe in everyday advocacy. By wearing a little black dress for 31 days  I am raising awareness and funds for the millions of abused women and girls across the globe. The little black dress I am wearing (worn in rotation with another LBD I already owned) is made by and overcomer of sex trafficking who through Elegantees has been provided with secure source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self image, and confidence that restores lives. You can sponsor my 31 day dress wearing mission to fight enforced labour and human trafficking by donating to the Dressember fundraiser page. The proceeds of the month long fundraiser support the work done by A21 and The International Justice Mission (IJM) who work to fight human trafficking and injustices against the poor on all levels, from top down policy work to bottom up rescues and rehabilitation of victims. Your dollar could help rescue children as young as two years old from cyber sex trafficking, as seen in this recent success story from the IJM. Please give even if you can only spare a dollar, every bit counts!


It’s an Adventure.

The last day or two have been a little challenging. It’s been quite hard work trying to balance all the December activities with a bit of a cold. My husband dearest came home from some overseas work with the flu. Usually I’m pretty immune to cold and flu (my body chooses to get knocked around by heat exhaustion instead) but unfortunately this UAE cold has been trying to sneak it’s way in. Been fighting it hard with the series natural remedies (and this awesome vitamin that is so tough I think it could fight crime in Gotham City) and I think I might just beat it before it gets me. Unfortunately being unwell and a big day at work in the plant nursery has made me a little sleepy so I won’t be able to get really stuck into social media, Christmas posts, and eBay auctions until tomorrow. Fortunately I have all these totally awesome and totally ‘locals only’ hidey holes to take pretty pictures within walking distance of my home. Looking forward to writing all about the idea of travel and the Christmas season really soon. It’s kind of amazing how many beautiful things you can find in your backyard when you look close enough.


Will be back in full swing soon. In the mean time I would love to hear any handy cold-and-flu fighting tips you might like to share!

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