It’s getting hot in here!

Well it’s the first day of December and day one of my 31 days in my little black dress. I would like be able to say that it’s been an enjoyable start to Summer but unfortunately I’m still fighting a personal battle with the incessant humidity that’s taken over my part of the world the last week and a bit. There is continual promise of rain, but we have had a storm blow in and over nearly every night and none of which have resulted in anything other than a few drops so my frustration levels are running high and the sweat is dripping from my brow. Neither of which make for easy photo taking!


Day One Thoughts.

My day one thoughts about this month long challenge are:

  • How on Earth can I make one month in a little black dress in summer interesting enough to read about when it’s too humid to wear clothing?
  • Will anyone be attending the clothing swap and conscious consumption event given that it’s so close to Christmas?
  •  And, will I feel robbed of my creative identity spending a month wearing the one dress?

The first question is likely to be one that will stick with me through the entire challenge. It would be far more enjoyable to complete this sort of style adventure if located in the Northern hemisphere where layering is an option. ‘Down Under’ summer, especially in Queensland, doesn’t really lend itself to anything other than a bikini or a kaftan (unless you happen to work all day in air-conditioning). So at present there are no promises that this styling adventure will be interesting. I could always style outfits as a ‘hypothetical’ of what I would be wearing if it wasn’t so sticky but I doubt I would even be able to keep it on long enough for a photo! I remember feeling the same when I was tackling the Wardrobe Workout challenge over summer. You just get to a point when it’s hot where you have to surrender to the fact that you probably won’t look stylish or creative, just sticky. I’ve already been told off by my elderly neighbour when I visited her for morning tea and scones for wearing black in summer, especially seeing as the dress has sleeves which will make me extra warm (her words not mine).

So far the clothing swap has gained some interest but it worries me conducting an event a so close to Christmas in the middle of end-of-work Christmas party season. Having run a few successful and a few unsuccessful fundraisers it can be very nerve racking because you never know exactly which way it’s going to go! When you invest so much time and love into something you want it to do well and reach your fundraiser targets but unfortunately there is only so much you can do to make something work the rest of it is up to the universe. Early days yet.

Finally… being robbed of creative identity is a tough one. Summer can be challenging enough to dress for as it can get boring very quickly when you spend all day every day in shorts and a cotton top, or a loose tank dress. Being confined to black reminds me of working in jewellery retail (which I did for years while studying my undergrad) so I feel a little more ‘professional’ today than my usual torn denim and 70’s billowy cotton. As long as I stick to wearing my regular accessories I should hopefully avoid feeling too stripped of my identity, if not it won’t be long before I regress back and start loitering around jewellery store counters trying to sell people things.

Will vary these posts over the month to include some info on human trafficking, styling tips, and a little of my experiences wearing the one dress for the whole month. However, todays Dressember update short because the heat has knocked me around again today and I need some quiet time to battle the heat headache.

Anyways… I’m off for the day with two little thought provoking questions.

The first one being,

  • What’s preventing you from donating to Dressember and using your dollar to vote for a world without slavery? Forgo the morning coffee and donate your few dollar here instead.
  • And the the second one is, how does one ride a bike in a short dress without flashing their underpants at passers by? It’s too hot for leggings and a dress. Any clever suggestions are welcome.

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Peace, love and the end of slavery!