‘Mum’ is the hardest job going.

Mothers do it tough. They work around the clock providing love, care, and well wishes for their children. It’s more than a full time job, it is a lifestyle. Those who choose to take on the massive responsibility of motherhood sometimes do so without much daily acknowledgment of the sacrifices they make to keep a household running. Which is why we need prompts like Mothers day to remind us to celebrate the big love our mothers provide us each and every day. A dedicated day to say Thank You to those who are mothers, or who have taken on caregiver roles in our lives.


Memories over thing.

It can be tempting to fall victim to the advertising and buy your mum a collection of unnecessary ‘things’ for mothers day. While I’m sure ceramic pig or a welded metal chicken garden ornament might be the occasional persons ‘cup-of-tea’ for most part these things will be accepted with a present face smile and committed to the pile of semi-sentimental junk that most of us have hiding in a corner collecting dust. You know, that pile of stuff you have ZERO use for but feel bad giving away in case the person who gave it to you asks about it at a later date. According to Gumtree Australia (as shared on Huffpost) we Aussies end up with $600 million dollars worth of unwanted presents every year JUST during the Christmas gift-giving season. Extrapolate this out to bad birthday presents, those easter ‘I didn’t want to give you chocolates so I bought you these pink BBQ tongs instead’ treats, and the very-sorry-I-forgot-valentines-day souvenir hat purchased from the service station, and one can only imagine the cash splashed on filling out lives with un-necessary crap. And, how much better this money could have been spent on other adventures, items, or charity donations.


The war against want.

Thinking outside the present box can aid in avoiding this polite social-norm to gift at every occasion. Mothers day is the perfect opportunity to give a moment rather than a ‘thing’. The following are some suggestions as to how you can do something special for a mother figure you know and love this May.

  • Book a massage, day spa treatment, or hair dressing appointment (join in if you live nearby)
  • Hand pick and arrange some flowers to deliver to their door with a breakfast treat.
  • Arrange a day to visit them and tell them to provide you with a list of things they want to do with you
  • Book an experience that you know they want to do but will never book for themselves (hot air balloon rides at sunrise, vineyard tour, holiday, yoga retreat etc.)
  • Give them a sentimental gift like something you have made specifically for them, or a photograph of a special moment (be careful about who you give these kinds of gifts too, not everyone appreciates sentimental DIY gifts)
  • Take them to a place you visited when you were a child and reminisce about the time you spent there.
  • Give them the full day-off. Offer to do everything they would normally do in a day (get them to leave you a list) while they do whatever they like for the day.


A Few Serving Suggestions for those who want to give.

We all know that people love to gather over food. Why not take an evening to put together a meal for a special woman in your life this mothers day. If you were feeling spendie (let’s face it, some of us LOVE to buy gifts and will never want to change this) why not invest in some practical items that will dress up a dinner or picnic.

  • Set up a picnic with a Bottle Cloth table cloth made from recycled bottles, buy one that you would use so that if mum doesn’t want it at the end of the picnic you can keep it for your own use.
  • Decorate the table with some Fair Trade candles from Natural Light Candle CoThese candles are made from long-burning beeswax blends, 100% cotton wicking and exclusive French fragrance oils. Gift the candles to your mum so she can light them and think of the evening you spent together. 
  • Pack your food in a picnic basket (like this fair-trade social enterprise one) and serve it on biodegradable bamboo picnic gear. Gift the lot to your mother at the end of the picnic with a note that says what day you would be available for the next picnic date.
  • Take your mum out to a market, festival, or event and gift her a reusable waste reduction kit. Check out Erin from the Rogue Gingers post on how to build one here, and also keep in mind the fab Bamboo Straw website as a place to shop for reusables.

What is your favourite way to gift? Want to share a successful memory making story? Perhaps you were the recipient of an unforgettable gift experience? Let us know below


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