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If you’ve found your way to this page of resources for the first time, I just wanted to say a big (warm and summery) welcome.

Each January here at Sustainability in Style we explore the reoccurring series New Year, New ConsYOUmer. This theme began way back when this site was my personal blog. It was born from my interpretation of the common self-improvement catch cry of ‘New Year, New You’. A slogan that’s founded in a desire for New Year’s resolve to change for the better. As part of my (at the time of inception) personal exploration of Sustainable living, I changed the narrative of the slogan to look at the way I was consuming the world around me, from fashion to waste, to how I was interacting with the natural surroundings on my daily walk. Resources on this page reflect the diversity of this interpretation.

We here at Sustainability in Style believe that you can be a ‘new’ you this year if you choose to do so. However, we think you’re pretty perfect just as you are, and that the resolutions or goals aside, the new year can be harnessed as an opportunity for mindful reflection on how you interact with the world around you.

Welcome the New Year with authenticity and big love. 



Long-time readers of Sustainability in Style will know that we don’t offer external advertising content here on Sustainability in Style. As much as we would like to share great products with you, it’s a challenge to untangle the advertising from the content. Which is something we choose to avoid for potential academic research purposes via our channels in the future. We know you love to know what brands we appreciate so we’ve rounded up our archived Eco Style columns from Nature & Health magazine for you to peruse this New Year (New ConsYOUmer).

Hi, Katie here (founder of Sustainability in Style). I’m eternally grateful to have been the Eco Style columnist for Nature & Health Magazine until their final print run. The articles you find here have been shared over the years on Sustainability in Style, but I’ve decided to round (the ones I could find) up into one easy-to-access location. All articles provided here first appeared in print in Australia’s longest-running natural health publication. I will continue to add any extra articles I find to the collection.

Move it!

Katie Roberts looks at three eco-savvy labels that will inspire you to get active and adventurous.

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Support traditional artisanal culture and the people who produce it with these stylish picks from Katie Roberts.

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Keep fit, stretchy, and healthy while exercising your ethics with consciously selected yoga and gymwear labels from Katie Roberts.

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Katie Roberts picks her favourite waste reduction warriors – designs that turn junk into high-quality, innovative products.

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Looking for basics on a budget? Look no further than Katie Roberts’ eco- and ethically-minded sustainable basics picks.

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Ethical Clothing Australia-certified brands, and the low-down on the ethics of Australian fashion manufacturing.

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Katie Roberts looks at the real cost of fast, cheap clothing – and showcases ethical alternatives.

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Bras, knickers and briefs shape our outfit and silhouette – underwear also has the most intimate of relationships with our skin.

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Second-Hand Style

When we move unwanted clothes into the global second-hand clothing supply, they get a chance at a second life elsewhere.

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We suggest that you begin your New Year, New ConsYOUmer journey by checking out out Values Motivators Quiz to work out what you really value.


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This is your New Year, New ConsYOUmer worksheet designed to get you thinking about how you can take action in Sustainable Style this year. We take your big-picture ideas and simplify them down into smaller ‘go-for-it’ actionable steps!


Are you keen to level up your Sustainably Stylish learning? We are now offering online work-at-your-own-pace courses based on our popular Sustainability Education workshop events. These workshops have only been available in real life in the past. Still, we’ve listened and know that Sustainably Stylish folks join us from across the globe, which is why we’ve started converting these courses to interactive online delivery format. Benefit from Sustainability in Style founder, Katie Robert’s years of academic learning, research, and teaching in sustainability education, environmental science, fashion, business, and yoga/meditation with these workshops (with e-booklets). Without time or sizeable financial investments.


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We’ve been sharing ideas on how to live life in Sustainable Style since 2010. These posts are from our New Year New ConsYOUmer archives. Investigate and see what resonates to inspire your Sustainably Stylish journey.

New Years Style Resolutions

New Years Style Resolutions

 Looking to Shake Up 2017 Stylishly? Sometimes we need some help to get out of our style ruts and the New Year can be the perfect excuse to delve into some new style ideas or experiments. Shaking things up a little can help us learn more about who we are as people,...

Resolve: Your New Beginning

Resolve: Your New Beginning

A Fresh Start for Values Based Action. The end of a year usually involves celebration followed by new resolve. Whether you are into resolutions or not there is a good chance that on January first you start to think about what it is that you hope to do or achieve in...

New Year Intentions

New Year Intentions

A New Year and New Hopes. I've noticed over the past seventeen days that many folks in the blogosphere are taking a stance against resolutions for 2o16. The preposition being that resolutions are often end up being broken promises to ones self by the the end of...