Above all 
W E A R  L O V E-
its more durable than denim, 
more cosy than track pants,
more appealing than tuxedos,
more revealing than Speedos,
more protective than a suit of armour,
and more classy than a suit of Armani.
W E A R  L O V E-
its brand-less, its priceless!
Fits all sizes, suits all classes,
flatters any figure, matches any moment.
W E A R  L O V E-
the couture of all virtues,
the high fashion of the highly faithful:
more beautifying than Cartier,
more fragrant than Chanel,
and more the thing than any bling.
W E A R  L O V E-
its more fundamental than footwear,
more clarifying than eyewear,
and more undergirding than underwear.
DON’T wear jealousy and envy-
they’re out of fashion man.
DON’T wear legalism and judgement-
they’re so last testament.
DON’T wear vengeance & fear-
they were hung out to dry in 33AD
W E A R  L O V E-
wear it tight,
wear it erery day and every night.
Wear it. Share it.
Its more becoming than the latest hairdo,
more bedazzling than a sequined tutu.
W E A R  L O V E-
like Inuits wear gloves,
like the Peace Corps wear logos of doves-
everywhere, everyday, all the way,
what more can i say
than W E A R  L O V E-
I promise you
it’ll look good on you, it always does
 -Cameron Semmens
Although we sometimes claim that Valentines day is ‘too commercial’, ‘too contrived’, ‘a conspiracy by greeting card companies’, or ‘a way to force men to buy jewellery and roses’ or just ‘plain silly’. I personally believe that any day that celebrates love is a good one. This Valentines I am sending love to all of you through one of my favourite poems by Cameron Semmens from the Book ‘Ice Skating in the Taj Mahal‘. The poem is titled ‘Love is the New Black’.
I am celebrating my first married Valentines Day by giving my hubby a card that I bought from a man in Melbourne who was selling them, and his artwork, to raise twelve dollars to buy himself dinner.
Acts of love, not matter how small, really do make the world go ’round.
Wishing you all the love in the universe this V-Day.
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