Sunday the 26th of April I was fortunate enough to attend (on a total whim) the Wardrobe Warriors Market at the Mt Gravatt Showgrounds in Brisbane. Hubby had been sick with the flu so I decided to get out early on Sunday morning and go for a trip to Brisbane and leave him to rest quietly without me making loud whizz-bang smoothies in the kitchen and singing to the dog. My poor Mr. still hasn’t quite made a full recovery yet which is why my post is a little late but he is up and about again and I have been able to harass him to take photos of my finds.

Wardrobe Warriors the brainchild of lovely Lauren, is preloved fashion heaven for a good cause. At the ‘frontline of pre-loved fashion’ the market is run around the idea of raiding other fashionistas wardrobes to raise money for charity by selling market stall space, hosting a raffle, and the donation entry fee for shoppers. On the Sunday you got to hand your donation to the most adorable doggy costume clad lady who had made the impressive costume herself (I will admit to asking to pat the doggy because I am weird like that). The underlying message of the event is one that Sustainability in Style strongly supports, that shopping secondhand is a great way to update your closet without the need to buy brand new items.

Established in early January this year Wardrobe Warriors ran their first even on the 28th of February supporting Assist a Sista Australia. With the first event being a great success so it’s no surprise that the April event was even bigger and better with the April 26th event raising $1300 for Animal Angels Rescue Queensland.

The day itself looks calm and beautiful in photos but unfortunately there were gusty winds that threatened to blow outdoor store holders and their stock into the great beyond. As event management teams ran around trying desperately to secure the gazebos and tents secondhand fashionistas had theirs eyes firmly on the prize seemingly oblivious to the conditions! There were loads of fabulous goodies on offer in quantities that are hard to describe. Picture three does a pretty good job of showing stock levels at most stores so you can only imagine what the whole event looked like. Folk were super friendly and I got to chat to a few great people but unfortunately missed out meeting Wardrobe Warrior herself as she was running around banging tent pegs into the ground.

My goodie haul was a bit exciting. First up I found a pair of One Teaspoon ‘bonita’ shorts for five dollars. You may recognise these from every-single-day (ok slight exaggeration but pretty close) of my 365 Day Wardrobe Workout Challenge. This style of shorts is my favourite and I now own four pairs that get rotated several days of the week. Being in the subtropics these cutoffs are my uniform for everywhere except work and even though it’s now late Autumn outfit two is exactly what I have on now. The striped tank is from super fab brand Basskie and is 100% linen and 100% lovely and fills a gap in my closet for ‘navy and white striped top’.

The other purchases made were two pairs of ‘comfy pants’. One of the retail jobs I had in the past provided me with a vast collection of comfy pants (this is what they are technically called at my house). Unfortunately many of these comfy pants are past their prime and shouldn’t really be worn for anything too dressy due to now having many holes in them or being too see-through to be decent. Lucky for me Wardrobe Warriors provided me with two new pairs of socially acceptable comfy pants. One pair of Sass and Bide pants that as hubby pointed out ‘look like our sofa cushions’ (picture one) and a pair of Seed Heritage pants that I will now call my ‘Gordon Ramsay’ pants because they make me feel like a chef.  I was also able to pick up a pair of wooden sunglasses for two dollars for my Mr. after his pair went M.I.A on our wedding/honeymoon/birthday trip to Vanuatu. All up my spend cost a grand total of $37 which is not bad at all when you consider that the shorts retail for $99.00, the S&B pants were originally $290.00, Seed Heritage pants retail for around $99.95, and Bassike tanks are around $90.00 . A grand total ‘saving’ of just a little over $540.00.

Finally, what is a post without a token dog photo bomb photo. All my Wardrobe Warriors buys have the ‘Sebastian lick of approval’ even though he looks severely unimpressed in the photo above (discerning style is a serious matter for dogs).

I recommend keeping a close eye on the Wardrobe Warriors Facebook page for details on the next event. Even if you live a little far away like I do it is worth a drive to update your closet. The carbon miles you accumulate in driving to an event like this is far outweighed by the fact that you are purchasing of secondhand goodies over new ones and not needing to utilise virgin resources.

Good work Wardrobe Warriors on a successful and fun day!


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