Much to our computers autocorrect dismay we use the phrase ‘Live Life in Sustainable Style’ on our platforms and resources. While our autocorrect always wants to add an A to the mix (i.e. Live Life in a Sustainable Style) we resist the correction.

We believe there isn’t A way to live in Sustainable Style, there are many!

We each have the option to develop our own distinct manner or way of conducting our lives that’s in alignment with our values and beneficial to people and planet.

While ‘style’ is often associated with fashion and clothing (and where we began our sustainability adventure) the idea of carrying yourself through your sustainable living journey in your own fashion, with ease, and taking mindful time to reflect and enjoy the beauty of life, seemed truly sustainable to us! 

Join us for this Take Action theme as we explore what it’s like to live life in Sustainable Style.



a: a distinctive manner or custom of behaving

or conducting oneself

b: fashionable elegance

c: beauty, grace, or ease of manner or


Whether you’re living off-the-grid in a self-built tiny home or inhabit a suburban home in an estate, we all have our role to play in making the world a more sustainable place. The content for this Take Action theme explores how we can take-action in a values based way to carve a more sustainable future for people and planet without overloading ourselves to the point of eco-overwhelm.

There are two focuses for this month’s theme. Firstly, we look at how to live life in sustainable style from a values-based approach (with some examples of how people are doing this).

Following on from this we head back to the roots of Sustainability in Style’s mission to look at sustainable fashion and style (as this Take Action theme first launched in conjunction with Fashion Revolution week).


We choose to use values as the driving force for taking action because our Sustainable Self has a different lived experience from others. Our differences in upbringings, culture, beliefs, traditions, locations, access to education, our abilities, gender, sexuality, the colour of our skin, and our economic status all formulate our unique Sustainable Self. And it’s this unique self, working within our sphere of influence that can ripple out to have a large impact by taking simple, mindful steps on issues we really care about. One mindful day and considered action at a time!

 No matter where you’re at in your sustainability journey, it’s challenging to find ways to research, care, reflect, and take continued action (big or small) without some high and low points. For every animal rights petition we sign, community group we found, or piece of litter we remove from the beach, there will be a news story about an endangered species, a member who can’t make it to group meetings and drops out, or another ten pieces of litter on the beach next time we return. These events and stories can cumulate into a sense of eco-overwhelm. A feeling that no matter how hard we try, or how much we care, the problems are too large, we aren’t making an impact, or that nobody really cares what we are doing.

 The truth is that what you’re doing does matter as long as it’s in alignment with your values! Our world need people who are working mindfully to improve sustainability outcomes in areas they are passionate about.


Check out out Values Motivators Quiz for guidance on what you value. 


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We hope that you enjoy getting your Sustainable Style fix in this easy-to-read format and that it gives you a break from the abundance of social media updates and overflowing inboxes we now navigate daily




Living life in Sustainable Style can mean living off the grid in a self-built tiny home (like our friend Emily did), but it can also mean taking action in your suburban neighbourhood. These following interviews share how individual approaches create a rich tapestry of collective sustainable action.


In a very popular interview that we ran in 2017, our Sustainably Stylish friend Emily opened the doors to her home and her heart with the inspiring tale of building a tiny home and the incredible work she was doing in Busubi.


Here’s a question that very few of us have the opportunity to ponder. What do you do if penguins nest in your yard? While we are unlikely to face this problem, Daniella’s visitors prompted her little family to take action to help their penguin residents thrive!


Mother of three Alison Foley found that a beachside game of trashure hunting (hunting for trash on the beach) sparked the beginnings of an environmental education program to inspire and support young people.



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We’ve created a downloadable reference chart for our A to Z of conscious fashion terms. Feel free to get your copy and save it somewhere for fast reference. Use this as a mindful reminder to contemplate and evaluate your relationship with fashion and other consumer items.