Want to know who has the Insta goods?

Sometimes Instagram has some great suggestions on who to follow. Other times you may well find yourself deeply entrenched in videos of goats or gazing lovingly at the world’s cutest pet fox and wondering how the heck you ended up there! There is no denying that social media is a totally awesome and very fun tool, but it’s also a really big time sink if not used in a targeted way. Having read quite a few ‘organisational’ and ‘inspirational’ resources there is a bit of a consensus that you should really allocate yourself specific times to check your social media (and emails if you are old fashioned like me) in order to maximise efficiency and not feel like your life has become overrun by videos of goats (whether or not that is a good or a bad thing is up for you to decide). When you use your social media in a healthy and targeted way it can lead to some really great information sources specifically tailored to your viewing preferences. With relevance and efficiency in mind I’m going to share some of my current fave Insta accounts with you.


Walk Sew Good.

You guys have heard me bang on about this project a couple of times over now but it’s not going to stop be banging on about it again. Gab and Megan are two crazy-brave lasses from Australia who decided it would be a brilliant idea to walk across Asia in search of great stories about fashion doing good. The crazy aspect to this project is that they have committed themselves to walking for a WHOLE YEAR. Think about that for a moment…. one WHOLE year of walking with a backpack across Asia. Dissected this idea is pretty much complete madness, which is why it’s already made for some inspiring Insta stories just one month in. Aside from all the fab fashion videos the gals are producing it’s been their fruit karaoke that has had me glued to their Insta stores feed. Really… who doesn’t want to see two sweaty grown women singing to a Jackfruit? Just me? Oh… Ok then. If you aren’t into fruit karaoke they do also do lots of other interesting stuff. Walk Sew Good is basically like the Instagram stories version of Survivor Asia for fashion. Got nothing but admiration for these two.


Be An Unfucker

Think the world is pretty much fucked? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in this thought which is kind of awesome because in being part of a collective of people who have an inkling the world might be a little fucked makes you something a bit special. What? Why? Glad you asked. Your awareness of the fucked-ness (that’s a word right?) of the world gives you the ability to be an unfucker. An unfucker is the kind of person who sees when things aren’t great and does something to fix it. Unfuckers wear rose tinted glasses that give all the problems of the world a optimistic spin. Pretty sweet right? Be An Unfucker is a swearladen Insta account that will have you (offended and) inspired to do good for the world you live in. With lots of helpful and easy to implement tips swearing never looked so damn good. Go ahead… unfuck the world!


This time last year I spent every single day in the same little black dress (which is why I’m photographed in it at the top doing some hiking). Upon reflection the idea was a little gross  because it’s like SO sweaty here this time of year but it was for a good reason. Dressember is an amazing phenomena that has brought together people across the globe to raise awareness and funds for the plight of people in forced labour, specifically women in the sex trafficking industry. I’m a little peeved that I wasn’t in a position to be a part of this fundraiser this year (sadly there have just been far too many changes and uncertainties at home right now to be able to put the right amount of time into the fundraiser) but I wanted to share the mission with you guys in hope that you might be keen to head over and donate some cash to the cause. If you are like me and a little be strapped (time or money wise) you can always get online and show your support with a follow, like and/or a share. It’s am amazing account to follow if you want to see the power of the collective to do good. Fashion is not frivolous and wearing a dress can change the World for the better! Dressember is the perfect example of this.



As much as we all love to look at pictures of pretty people in pretty ethical, sustainable and/or second-hand clothing sometimes it cal all get a bit same-same. I know after a while I get bored at scrolling over yet another outfit post which is why it’s important to mix up your Insta with a little bit of depth. AWEAR is the exact right mix of conscious style and brain fodder and the Instagram feed serves as the perfect reminder to head on over to their AWEAR World website and fill your ears with conscious style chatter through their podcast series. If you are yet to check out this amazing resource please do so. Your brain will thank you for it and putting your headphones on while shopping will drown out the incessant sounds of christmas carols we are bombarded with at this time of the year. Double win!

Do you have an Insta favourite? Perhaps you want me to wash my mouth out with soap after all the swearing? Share any thoughts, comments or reflections below.

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