fabric: Slow Fashion | Artful Living 2019

I’m delighted to announce my involvement in fabric 2019, a program that celebrates the rich talents of Sunshine Coast artisans and designers.

fabric brings art and sustainability together in an exciting new program of activities.

Enjoy creative workshops, author talks, events and professional development opportunities that will inspire.

The program offers hands-on workshops including; natural dyeing, making your own sewing kit, mending, lampshade making, op-shop ramble and styling session, jewellery making, wearable art, and professional development

Connect with some of the world’s leading fashion influencers.

National and international experts and change-makers will share their thoughts on what it means to be sustainably stylish, including 1 Million Women founder, Natalie Isaacs (Oct 2)

Slow Fashion and Artful Living highlights how conscious consumerism and behavioural choices; increase the capacity for enriched lifestyles, encourage a flourishing creative arts industry and support a healthy environment.

fabric 2019 provides opportunities to be inspired, get informed and learn new skills.

Sessions range from learning the essentials to participating in bespoke master classes.

Download the full fabric program and book your workshops here.

fabric is supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund and council’s Living Smart program.

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