Tomorrow is the day to get on social media and ask your favourite brands #whomademyclothing as part of the global Fashion Revolution. 

Fashion Revolution began in response to the Rana Plaza disaster where 1133 people died in the a garment factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh and a further 2500 were injured.

The Fashion Revolution is a ‘call to arms’ for consumers and manufacturers alike to put an end to unethical and unsustainable manufacturing. You can get involved by turning an item inside out and asking the maker #whomademyclothing. If you don’t get an answer the first time around ask again! The more people who question the more likely we are to get answers. Tag three people you know in your social media posts and get them to ask who made their favourite clothing.

There are more than 65 countries involved in this years Fashion Revolution there is a good chance that there will be an event happening near you.

For those in the Brisbane region I recommend checking out the Fashion Revolution Day Pop-Up Shop. Hopefully if all goes well I might be able to see you there!

One of my big fashion revolution #whomademyclothes questions goes to Tigerlily the design house who are responsible for multiple items of clothing in my closet. Tigerlily are owned by Billabong Australia and have a mixed review of some criticisms and some praise on the Shop Ethical consumer guide. My guess is that very little attention has been paid to the origins for Tigerlily items as they do not even list the country of manufacturing of items on their web-store.

Please open your heart and let me know who the person was who sewed together my ‘Made in China’ cardigan Tigerlily. I want to know that it was made ethically and with love. For the prices you charge items could easily be made with a Fair Trade scheme.

Looking forward to hearing from you Tigerlily!


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