Walking for change in the fashion industry

There’s been so much fear, uncertainty and negativity in the world post-election so it’s always nice to hear about people doing their best to spread positive news. You may remember back to this post when I introduced you to ​Gabrielle Murphy and Megan O’Malley, two (self proclaimed) ‘dorks’ walking 4000km across Southeast Asia in search of positive fashion stories for their Walk Sew Good adventure. Following their successful crowdfunding campaign, the pair are now embarking on their 4000km across walk across Southeast Asia (starting in Ho Chi Minh) to raise awareness of a more ethical fashion industry. Along the way they will be filming and sharing the stories of people they meet creating clothing in positive and sustainable ways.

What you are in for with the Walk Sew Good journey.

Southeast Asia is a well known hub of activity for the fast fashion industry, an industry that sees millions of tonnes of clothes churned out to shoppers every day. Fashion brands flock to the region for its cheap manufacturing prices. As a result, millions of people working in factories in countries like Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam are not paid enough to live on, forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions and face discrimination and abuse from employers. Environmental laws, where they exist, are not strictly adhered to and waste and emissions discharged from these factories pollute local waterways severely impacting local communities. “Awareness of the damaging practices of the fashion industry is growing,” says O’Malley, “but people don’t always know about better alternatives. Instead of overwhelming people with the negative impacts of fast fashion, we aim to empower people to support a different kind of fashion industry.” Walk Sew Good plan on sharing positive fashion stories from Southeast Asia; stories of people creating beautiful clothing with beautiful impacts against all odds. Prior to heading off on their journey Megan got started on the interview process by chatting fashion with her Granny. From the look of it the brave ‘dorks’ journey will be a fascinating and inspiring one that you should get involved with. Make sure you head on over to their social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and  YouTube) and check out their journey. If you have any leads about people you would like the duo to interview on their travels contact them at walksewgood@gmail.com.

Would you be brave enough to walk through Asia for a whole year? Have you ever attempted anything like this? Please share all your thoughts below.

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