Make it Yourself: Flax Hair Gel

A little while back I started having some slightly hairy-scary moments. 

We all have a little hair fall when we shower, but mine started shedding pretty rapidly and I started to worry. It wasn’t like large clumps were coming out in my hands, it was just more than the average 50-100 or so strands we might lose daily.

I headed to my GP for some blood tests and a look-over and the diagnosis was that my hair had gone into shock from stress in a shedding process called Telogen effluvium. While scary at the time, Telogen effluvium is actually just the extension of the rest period of our hair’s natural growth cycle caused by a shock to the system (childbirth, illness, stress etc.).

In my case this process happened twice. Once was Master’s study related, and the other was when I was forced to over extend myself in multiple jobs due to a financially stressful time at home with an injured family member. In most cases when the cause of Telogen effluvium is addressed, the hair naturally begins it’s regrowth cycles. However, it’s important to be extra kind to your tresses in times of stresses. Which is how I came across this ultra nourishing styling option. 

Flax gel is great for natural styling and hold, especially if you allow it to develop a thick consistency. My fave way to use it was slightly runnier (take it off the stove a bit earlier) and scrunched through wet hair for natural nourishment and wave. 

 Have you attempted flax gel? Share your thoughts below! 

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