Urban Granola.

Urban Granola is a blog where green living meets modern life. Nicole and Amanda, the dynamic duo behind the keyboard, are all about making practical every day changes towards a sustainable lifestyle, without giving up all the good stuff we love. The two Melbourne based 20 something ladies have a passion for coffee,fashion, beauty, food and good times. They are also passionate about trying to live a sustainable lifestyle and share their experience on learning how to navigate modern life with the environment in mind. What they are finding is that being happy, healthy and caring for the environment is not a ‘one size fits all’ lifestyle and there are many ways in which we can make a difference every day. They were kind enough recently to include Sustainability in Style in their round up of their Favourite Ethical Instagrammers *squee*.


Tortoise and Lady Grey

Tortoise and Lady Grey is the blog baby of Summer Edwards. Through Tortoise and Lady Grey Summer aims to convey that you should be able to live stylishly without sacrificing your ethics. And that living a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t require you giving up a love of fashion. Her blag space is a collection of practical inspiration to live sustainably with style. One of the most notable parts of Summers blogging mission has been the (free) 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge, that guides you through the multifaceted field of sustainable fashion and enable you to confidently approach your wardrobe in a way that takes care of the earth and fits within your budget. Summer is not a one trick pony when it comes to writing and you will find info on everything from permaculture to clean beauty products in this exciting e-space.


 The Peahen

The Peahen, a lesser known name for a female peacock, is the apt title of Kasi Martin’s blog dedicated to ‘the bold, frivolous pursuit of fashion’. A love of fashion and flair has seen Kasi question the standards in which our fashion  items are made, and The Peahen is committed to uncovering and exposing ways to make ethical standards in fashion mainstream. The blog looks at the whole process of manufacturing in the fashion industry – designing, styling, shopping, and dressing- and Kasi believes that these should be celebrate forms of self expression without comprising our values. The Peahen looks at ethical fashion, sustainable fashion,  fair trade, conscious fashion, cause fashion, purposeful fashion, and artisan fashion.


Kamea World

Kamea World is an eco sanctuary for modern citizens striving to enjoy the beauties in life while bettering the world around them. It is a concept inspired by our world, for our world. It embodies a positive, passionate, and elegant lifestyle valuing the fresh mélange of beauty and design, health and wellness, and nature and sustainability. Kamea Chang is the mastermind behind Kamea World she has a bachelor’s from Washington University in St. Louis in Psychology, Environmental Studies, and Marketing, and has also completed programs at Bocconi University and Istituto Marangoni in Milan. With a passion for eco travel Kamea combines her love of the globe with a deep understanding of the nature of human wellbeing. Her latest venture is ‘Thrive‘ an environmentally conscious, evidence-based healthy lifestyle guide.

A big thank you to the people behind these blog ventures. As many of you know, blogging takes loads of time, creative thought, and huge commitment to the cause! Great work should be celebrated. Do you know a great sustainable living and/or ethical fashion blog? Share below.

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