Don’t shop ‘Vegan’ fashion for the sake of it.

Before you get too caught up in the headline please read on. Many items labelled ‘Vegan’ are just synthetic junk marketed well. The term is a marketing ploy to suck you into buying items that are made from petrochemicals that are NOT biodegradable. Gross hey? So that pair of synthetic leather shoes you purchased will be around forever. The worst part about synthetics is the shoes and bags made from petrochemical leather usually don’t last very long before cracking, flaking, or peeling. Skip it and get yourself some canvas shoes or look for biodegradable alternatives like Pinatex leather. Looking for an animal-friendly fix? Spend some time in nature or visiting some indeed of buying plastic leather products.


Shop ambient for groceries

You might not have ever considered this but some of your produce may have been in storage for a long time. Many large scale supermarkets buy across the country or Globe for their ‘fresh’ produce. Keeping this stuff cold to retain freshness can require a great deal energy both in transit and in store. Why not buy from a local farmers market or green grocer where food is more locally sourced. This will result in fresher produce and far less carbon-intensive-storage-guilt.


Say yes to brands that work with your values.

Many blogs (this one included) will tell you that second-hand shopping is the way to go. While it is A way to go it’s not the ONLY way to go. Believe it or not many of the items you will find secondhand are part of the global fast fashion supply chain. While it’s good they go to your closet rather than landfill your decision to purchase a fast fashion item secondhand is an opportunity lost for labels that do good for people, animals, and planet. Why? Because each time you choose to put secondhand fast fashion in your closet you miss out on the opportunity to add something amazing from a conscious fashion label into it instead. The best suggestion is to balance the secondhand with investment purchases from labels (like the beautiful dress above from Fabled and True) who support the vision of the future that you would like to live in.


Be confidently you- regardless of your ‘private’ parts.

Over the last few months there has been a bit of a gender battle emerging. A battle that often (as history has shown) creates a line between those with penises and those with vaginas. As many of us already know, humanity will continue to function if we choose to stop making policies, discussions, and social norms based on what we have between our legs. Genitalia are just body parts not policy decision making tools. While there is no denying that many places there is a clear inequality between ‘male’ and ‘female’ (hello Trump and all your AWFUL outdated commentary) and that fighting to bridge this gap is imperative. However the best you can do is to be yourself, dissolve this ‘male’ and ‘female’ dichotomy and see others as humans just like yourself. It’s sad that we had to resort to having a series of marches called ‘women’s’ marches recently when it could easily have been called a march for humanity. Believing that all beings and all genders (there are more than two! Don’t believe me? Check out the latest National Geographic mag) deserve equal standards of living and respect is the best path forward to removing inequality and discrimination. Trump you and your narrow minded ways have a lot to answer for.

What are your thoughts on these tips? Have they crossed your mind before? Do they make you cross when you think about them? Share your feedback below.