Sometimes it all seems a bit too hard.

Like saving the World before your morning cuppa. Or trying to get out of bed when it’s a cold winters morning. Life is just a bit of a challenge on ‘those’ days. When you are having one of ‘those’ days it can be hard to be committed to changing the planet for the better when you can barely find the motivation to get out of your pyjamas. So here are four easy steps you can take right now to change the fashionable face of planet the lazy way. No effort required.


Don’t bother washing.

Ewwwww, your so gross! Nah… just kidding. Believe it or not (often not because the Dettol TV advertisements say otherwise) germs aren’t all laying ready in wait to leap on us the moment we get out of the shower. They are actually a nomal and (mostly) healthy part of our daily lives. Our skin, homes, pets, and shopping centre handrails are all mini ‘Jurassic Parks’ of itty bitty living things. Most of which aren’t going to cause us any damage. Unless you are surrounded by sick people or live in an area with serious health warnings about deadly viruses you can actually get away with washing most clothes only when they smell bad or look dirty. While it might seem a bit contrary to what you would normally do, just re-wear your clothes. Hey, you are saving water, power and environmental pollutants (laundry liquids) by being lazy and science says it’s ok.worn

Wear it again.

With ever increasing connectivity comes a serious fashion dilemma. Photos of you at events. It’s annoying that nowadays it can be a little more difficult to getaway with having just one ‘Sunday best’ to wear to weddings, special events etc. because people take so many flipping pictures of it and stick them online. Eco fashion guru Livia Firth says ‘to heck’ with this having to wear a different outfit to each even and suggests we try to get at least thirty wears out of each item we own. What to do with social media? Untag yourself if you are worried about people thinking you own just one dress, or alternatively add the #30wears tag under your photos and turn your lazy one-dress-party-a-thon into an envrionmental statement.


Tie a knot in it or add a belt.

Ever tried to get dressed only to have everything look just a bit crap? We all have those days where pretty much the whole contents of our closet is unappealing. When you strike a morning (or two) like this add a belt or tie a knot in it. Sometimes changing the shape or length of a garment without having to get the sewing machine out can put a whole new lease on your closet. Better still raid your partner, friend, or housemates closet and add belts and knots to their clothes to fit you. An oversized t-shirt with a casual knot to pull it in at the waist can be life changing (if only for the one day).


Embrace the wrinkles

Can’t be bothered ironing? That’s ok. It really is just a great way to waste time and power (or at least you can go with this as an excuse). If you can’t be assed with this why not just embrace the wrinkled shirt look. Perhaps throw on a scarf and some ripped jeans and claim your look is ‘boho’. If you commit to it convincingly enough no-one will question your antics. If you happen to work in an office and don’t think this excuse will work try hanging your shirt or pants in the bathroom on a hanger while you shower. The steam can work wonders in helping wrinkles drop out. Lazy and planet saving can go hand in hand!

Do you have a fave way to save the planet with very little effort? Share your tips below… if you can be bothered 😉

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