Ged's #garmentgratitude Story

Ged’s #garmentgratitude story as told to and by Katie.

Ged is my partner in sustainable style and was keen to get involved in the #garmentgratitude movement in his own way. Pictured here in a classic shirt and jeans combo Ged is most at home when he isn’t at home! Choosing to spend most of his time outside exploring and fishing. He wanted to:

‘say thanks to the people who made my shirt, even though I won’t ever know them, I’m grateful this shirt exists and keeps me covered from the elements’.

Ged then went on the mention that he is also grateful for second-hand clothing, stating that:

‘my whole outfit was second-hand- including my shoes!’

His shoes are identical to a pair he had owned brand new! They were just sitting there as-new in the op-shop waiting for a life with Ged once his other pair had worn out. It was shoe destiny.

Ged’s #garmentgratitude eco action is:

‘I’m always picking up other peoples stuff. Litter is so annoying. I will pick up some litter today while I go out for a fish’.

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