Info for Yogis and wannabe yogis alike!

Taking a break from our regular program of all things style and sustainability related to talk yoga. Why? Because I’m a total yoga-a-holic and I felt like sharing. I’m off to Wanderlust Sunshine Coast tomorrow¬†with the Peppermint Magazine crew to talk all things Peppermint with the Wanderlust attendees while squeezing in some yummy yoga breaks in between. While it’s all well and good for me to take you on Wanderlust adventures like I did last year (which I can do through the stories feature on Instagram now) it doesn’t really help you go on your own yoga journey!

Wanderlust in your lounge room every damn day (and no crowded classrooms)

If you have ever thought to yourself ‘I would love to do yoga but don’t know where to start’ or ‘I can’t afford to attend yoga classes’ then I might just have the perfect solution for you! YogaGlo is a fabulous resource for experts and novice yogis alike. It’s an online subscription based community where you will have access to more than 3500 yoga classes. Classes range in level of expertise and you can search based on style, body part, and time to find the exact right class for you on the day. The teachings move beyond the mat to other areas of yoga (believe it or not the mat stuff is just a small part of Yoga) and you can work through meditations (the video above is from my favourite Meditation teacher on YogaGlo), breathing exercises and in-depth philosophical yoga talks. Many of the teachers on YogaGlo do the rounds of the Wanderlust festivals and I was lucky enough to do a class with one of them (Amy as seen below) last year before I got into my YogaGlo addiction.

How it works.

YogaGlo is computer and device friendly. You can download apps, save your classes and get yogic in any situation or location. The fee is monthly and is $18 USD. This is a pretty decent deal considering that most yoga classes cost around this much PER CLASS. As a qualified (but not currently practising) yoga instructor I will say that YogaGlo is not a substitute for face to face (or bum to face if you are all in down dog in a small room) classes because you don’t have a teacher there to help you correctly align your poses, but it’s a great way to maximise your yoga time for a minimal cost. If you are familiar with yoga and have attended classes before you will likely love this on-demand ‘finger tip’ studio. If you are a newbie you will likely appreciate the idea that you can get your yogi on without the cost or ‘scariness’ of going to a studio. Personally I still attend face to face classes at my local gym but choose to use Yoga Glo daily for meditation resources, yogic philosophy and additional problem specific asana flows, practice advancement (the gym classes I attend are all targeted at beginners), and delicious pre-bedtime restorative classes. But like many people, my yoga started as a home based practice (in the time of DVD’s) and advanced from there. If you have ever thought about starting yoga I highly recommend heading over to YogaGlo and getting on their 15 day free trial.

Do you yoga? Perhaps you have some feedback on YogaGlo? Off to Wanderlust? Share with us you bendy stretchy thang!