Have you ever spent some time thinking about what changes you would like to champion?

Yes? Excellent. Then this week is right up your alley. No? Not a problem, the UN’s sustainable development goals should give you some pointers on what you are passionate about and how to share it. You might assume that someone like me would have known about this to give you an advanced warning. Sadly, this is not the case. I’ve been living under the heavy weight of assignments and not enough sleep for the last week, so I’m a bit late in telling you about this (and should go have a nap and stop pretending that I’m a functioning human being). Better late than never when it comes to sustainability and environment! Props to the fab Marina Jenkins for letting me know about the Global Goals week. You are such a legend and saved my sorry ass from missing this super exciting campaigns deadlines.

Global goals for good!

Global Goals runs from the 18th-24th of September as is the UN’s annual week of action, awareness and accountability for Sustainable Development. The week is based around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Goals that were agreed by 193 countries last September. These goals are: 


The decision to have a week dedicated to them is that we need to actually make them happen in order for change to occur! To make these goals realities we need to spread the message and create accountability so that every September when world leaders gather at the UN we ensure they take action and deliver on their promises.

Being involved is just a social media post away!

Ok, first up, this can be a pretty busy and complex week of things if you want it to be (despite the fact most of it has passed us by). The toolkit that contains the weeks moment-action-plan has so many suggestions as to how you can get involved. Truthfully I got a little overwhelmed looking at it. So let’s break it down into some bite sized chunks. The social media game plan looks a little something like this. Join in for seven days of action:

  • SUNDAY: Please Share ‘Numbers in Action’ film
  • MONDAY: Please share ‘We Have A Plan’ film
  • TUESDAY: Please share ‘Leave No One Behind’ film
  • WEDNESDAY: Please share the ‘What I Really Really Want’ campaign results film
  • THURSDAY: Please download the ‘SDG Action’ App
  • FRIDAY: Please share the World’s Largest Lesson Animation
  • SATURDAY: Please take part in the my world survey.

We are a few days into the campaign now but I’m pretty sure that the UN won’t penalise you for your late start. The seven day action plan comes with some content you can share. Including images and commentary (that’s handy isn’t it!) which are all available and linked in the tool kit. I’m doing a social media post today with the number that I’m championing along with a call to action to get involved. This is the Instagram caption they have provided to make things super easy.

@TheGlobalGoals have the potential to end poverty, inequality and climate change, but they’re only going to be completed if we raise our voices and remind our world leaders to stick to their promises. This #GlobalGoals week, share this image and help us tell everyone about the Global Goals and what they can do to make these dreams a reality.



Beyond the social media.

Believe it or not there are things one can do outside of social media (shocking hey!!!!). There are films, and an app. The app lets you choose a goal that matters to you and help put it on the map. Take pictures and videos to show off your piece of the world, then watch your impact grow as you voice is pinned on the Global Goals map next celebrities and other personalities from all around the globe. It shows you the impact you are making on your audience, so you can see how your contributions are helping make the world a better place (Ok… so the app’s a little bit geared towards social media too). Then there is the World’s Largest Lesson, developed in partnership with Unicef  this series of lesson plans & animations – available in up to 10 languages – have been provided with the goal of educating the next generation on the importance of the development goals. There are also loads of other exciting things happening that you can learn about online through the What’s Happening drop down menu.


I care about Responsible Consumption and Production!

It was difficult to work out what goal to champion the most but my decision to support number 12 came down to the fact I’ve got issues with the idea of sustainable development. Sustainable development in it’s rawest form, is an oxymoron. The economic system is based on growth, and the way that we have traditionally grown is so deeply entrenched in unsustainable production practices and unnecessary population growth. What we really need is an economic overhaul. I believe that the only way we can change the way that our damaging production system works is to be responsible consumers and demand products and services that do good! By pushing from the bottom up we can change the whole world overnight! Why?

Because the dollar speaks louder than anything else.

If you choose to take your hard earned cash and invest it in renewable energy and every one else chooses to do the same the top down has no choice but to meet your dollars and provide. It really is that easy to instigate change. This ‘putting your dollar where your heart is’ push, coupled with the reeducation of all (not just the kiddies) means that we can make those CEO’s at the top do what we want them to do. Don’t let the oil companies and tobacco giants fool you. They are adaptable. It’s just that they are lazy and don’t want to go about making the changes to good for people and planet operations because it will mean dollar outlays and short term profit loss. Give them a reason to. Shop ethical and sustainable! Buy services instead of tangible goods (like rent a dress or a photocopier rather than own it). If we can push this economic change many of other other issues will be dragged up with it.

I’m going to go out on a limb here too and suggest that you think about production laterally. You have the right to choose how many offspring you have. That decisions is yours as an individual and/or a couple. Remember that it takes two to tango and that two kiddies means that you keep population the same (replacement rate), one kiddie and you are reducing the population. More than two? It’s probably pretty exciting at your place most nights! That’s above replacement rate… meaning that you are contributing to population growth. The good thing about the choice to produce offspring is that it is a choice. And the more you accept that people have the right to choose the easier it is for some to have none, one, or a whole soccer teams worth. If you are passionate about your large brood accept that it’s not for everyone and that’s totally ok. Same goes for child free by choice, don’t go badgering your friends to get vasectomies… their balls, their business (with skills like that I could write campaign speeches). The more you accept that people have different paths the more equality there is in our population, both numbers wise and parenting wise. While there are all kinds of parents, there is no denying that the ones who really want to be parents enjoy the experience a whole lot more. And the act of creation might mean something other than parenting to some people. Both are personal decisions.

So be a good human and think carefully about your rights as a consumer and a producer! And never be afraid to think outside the box. What goal will you champion? Share it below you fabulous change maker!