One of the most exciting things about blogging is that you never know what will turn up in your inbox.

While a slew of completely random emails appearing in your inbox on a daily basis can be a little overwhelming it can also bring with it some pretty unexpected stories. A while back I was contacted by the team at PARKROYAL on Pickering in Singapore who had come across Sustainability in Style’s post on the green air travel. They mentioned that the team were working on ‘green travel’ guide for their website and asked me if I had any pointers for them. After blabbing on a bit via email and directing them to a few different resources the conversation had been filed as ‘compete’ in my brain. Recently the team got back to me with the most awesome and easily accessible visual guide for green travel tips and were kind enough to acknowledge the input of Go Green Travel Green and Sustainability in Style. Thanks guys!!!! Love your work. Here is the result!



This super fab infographic is a great one to save to your computer or portable devices if you are planning to head off on a holiday. It would also be a great one to email forward to your travel-bug-infected friends and family.

Do you have any top tips for being a green and ethical traveller? Perhaps you have some awesome waste reduction suggestions for the travel loving gypsy types? Blurt it all out in the comments section below because sharing really is caring!


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