Sustainability in ‘Gross’ Style

With the Science | Style | Self podcast in the pipeline I’m offering you an opportunity to be part of the conversation.  Today’s topic of discussion is “My “Gross” sustainability habit”!

This is your chance to talk about things you do in the name of sustainability that others think in ‘gross’, ‘disgusting’ or just straight-up ‘weird’.

We are all at different stages our journey in sustainable style. What is ‘gross’ or ‘weird’ to one might be totally normal to another. Whether it’s reusable toilet paper or menstrual products or your dumpster diving lifestyle. 

Share your ‘gross’, ‘weird’ or ‘unusual’ sustainability habit. Remember that while some around you might be confused by your ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ habit that there is plenty of others out there who are doing the same.

Let me know if you want your habit shared via the pod-cast and if you do/don’t want your name mentioned.

Email me  or check out the prompts from Insta Stories below.

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