The Closet Scientist.

If you head over this way often, or happen to spend time chatting on social media (specifically Instagram) or email you might have noticed I’ve been a little quiet of late. It’s not because I don’t love you or want to spend time with you (in fact it’s been hard to stay away from these platforms and I’ve literally had to switch off to stay focused) it’s because I’ve been a busy little be ‘growing’ a creative baby. Around eight and a half or so months ago (I’ve back tracked and I think it was around then) I decided to embark on writing a book about fashion, style and sustainability. This wasn’t something that just popped into my head at that time, it’s actually be on the ‘slow burn’ since 2010, when little ol’ undergrad me was running clothing swaps at my university under the name ‘Sustainability in Style’. I actually gave a speech to a group in 2010 when they kindly offered me a ‘Women in Science’ bursary, telling everyone how much I wanted to write a book about sustainability in the fashion industry.

Fast forward six years (holy heck… it’s been six year of Sustainability in Style??) and I now find myself a little more than eight months into the writing process with a book baby about to be launched to you that’s more than I can ever have imagined writing way back in 2010. Somehow between 2010 and 2016 my learning and work has helped me develop a concept unlike any other that I’ve come across before. Smacking science, fashion, sustainability and personal style into one massive blender, pouring out a read that will hopefully help you better understand your mind, the advertising industry, the fashion industry, and your own personal style journey. All while getting to play scientist from the comfort of your own home!


What’s it all about?

Good question! I’ve wanted to share more on what I’ve been writing with you over the past eight and a bit months but quite truthfully it’s only been the last month that The Closet Scientist has been a fully formed creative baby (ten fingers, ten toes, 300+ or so pages etc.). I don’t want to give away too much just yet (hey… it’s more fun when there is a little bit of mystery right?), but the following blurb should give you some clues as to what I will be revealing to you some time in September:

Inside the covers of The Closet Scientist you will not be told:
  • That your closet essentials are a black turtle neck sweater and a Burberry trench.
  • How to dress like a French person.
  • What inanimate object (ruler, apple, pear, inverted triangle, or hourglass) your body resembles and how you must accordingly clad it.

The Closet Scientist will not inundate you with:

  • Page after page of depressing-but-true statistics on how the fashion industry impacts on people, animals, and Planet that leave you with a bout of compassion fatigue and no guide on how to take action.
  • Advice on what you ‘must -do’ in regards to colour, cut, proportion, layers or any thing else for that matter.
  •  Patronising language that makes your fashion journey seem frivolous.

Hopefully by now you are wondering what the heck the purpose of the book is?

The Closet Scientist was created to bridge the gap between the rock (all the hard stats and facts on the fashion industry and our Planet) and the fluffy place (the fun style-based books that tell you what to wear and how to wear it) so that you can navigate both sides of the fashion narrative from an educated and selective point of view. The goal is to work smart not hard so as you embark on your PhD in Personal Style you will be provided with the critical thinking tools (along with a huge list of resources) to work out what it is that you want and need from your personal style journey. Using scientific experimental design and academic literature The Closet Scientist makes the academic thought process available to you here and now. Teaching you how to use these skills to conduct personal style experiments and research brands that fit your personal values. This book is geared towards saving you both time and money by packing tens of thousands of dollars of tuition fees and years of study in one fun action based workbook-!
You’re welcome 🙂


I hope that this little snippet has piqued your interest in what’s been happening behind the screen here at Sustainability in Style. It’s really been a fun and interesting journey to work through my years of learning and create a synthesis of knowledge that I hope will benefit you all in some way. The book will be available to buy in e-book format (for around $20 AUD… much cheaper than a 40+k AUD Science Masters and years of study and work in the fashion industry) some time in September. This format will enable you to print worksheets as you require them or write your notes on scrap paper or an eco/ethical notebook. I will be open to the possibility of traditional publishing if the right publisher appears with the right eco print options. The book sales will help keep Sustainability in Style free from advertising bias (I don’t make money off this site through paid posts or advertising banners because I like to keep it unbiased for my masters studies) and enables me to study my Master of Environment majoring in Sustainability Education. I love being able to bring you content here because it allows me to share the things I have learned through my studies in a way that can be used by all. If I were to continue down a purely academic path my (boring… let’s face it most academic papers are dry and dull) academic papers would only be seen by those who wish to pay $40 or so dollars to read them, or those who are at higher education institutions that have paid for access to them.  So by being able to bring you content through this avenue I get to act as a filter for all the ‘boring’ academic stuff and translate it in a way that everyone (all gender identifications are welcome… this is not a ‘Women’s’ style guide) can enjoy and benefit from. Which is what The Closet Scientist book is all about!

Anyway, I hope that this give you a few little clues as to where I’ve been hiding. It’s been a long and exciting journey that’s dragged me to all corners of creative discovery (many of which are EXHAUSTING) but I feel like it will all be worth it in the end. Can’t wait to deliver my baby to you. Please accept my humble apologies for my distance of late. I hope that the end result is something that inspires and empowers you.



Any feedback? Want to ask questions? Disappointed my baby is a book not an actual baby? Share your thoughts please 🙂

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