“It’s fine to have social media that connects us with old friends, but we need tools that help us discover new people as well”.

A quote from Ethan Zuckerman that pretty much sums up todays post, meaning that I can just stop typing and go to bed now. Nah… just kidding I won’t leave you hanging I’m not that mean! Today is just a quick little heads up about five fab folk that are rockin’ the insta world with their eco vibes. As many of are aware, Instagram is Sustainability in Styles most preferred social media platform and these five folks have managed to use this predominantly image sharing space to get word out on how to leave the world in a better place than you found it. As it can sometimes be a little difficult to find new accounts on social media what better place than a blog to showcase a few awesome ones in their glory,



Monica is the beautiful San Diego, CA based lass who runs @girlforacleanworld. She is an environmental educator who is passionate about the power of the individual to change the planet one decision at a time. Her account will inspire you to celebrate your ugly vegetables, ride your bike to work, start an office recycling program, eat seasonal, and care for and repair what you already own (just to name a few). Monica is one heck of an infectiously happy and positive eco-chick and within weeks of following her I promise you will have adopted at least one of her easy to implement sustainable living suggestions.



Ever walked along a seemingly pristine beach only to have your romantic vision ruined by the debris of humans past? Karen of @trashybeach hates litter! She hates it so much that she create an entire Instagram feed dedicated to sharing the crap (sorry to be crass but sometimes it’s quite literally crap of the bagged up dog variety) that she discovers on beach walks in her area. While looking at @trashybeach it can be easy to get a little cranky at humanity, but then you realise that if there are people like Karen who can commit part of her life to cleaning up her local areas, then there is hope. Heck it might even inspire you to start noticing and collecting litter in your local area.


Once upon a time I spent one month collecting, photographing, and weighing the trash I created. During this process I e-met @oneyeartrash, a woman on a personal waste awareness mission who took it upon herself to spend 365 days assessing her waste stream. Not only is this a brave thing to do (really, who isn’t scared by the reality of their own consumption practices), it’s quite therapeutic for followers to be able to ‘peek’ into someone else’s trash and compare it with their own outputs. Whether you collect your own litter or look at someone else’s, having that visual of what packaged goods really mean to the planet, and how much we consume them, can really solidify the fact that there is no ‘away’ that we can send our unwanted stuff to.



Gabe loves life and nature and his account is chock-full of both! There aren’t really any words to describe Gabe’s Instagram videos…. you really just have to check them out for yourself. Doing so will put a smile on your face.




Like Monica from @girlforacleanworld, Lani of @_aloha_lani has the most infectious passion towards sustainability and ethical living. Her account demonstrates just how bright the future of the planet looks when school gals like Lani and her friends are steering us towards a better tomorrow. Lani shows us how to live a more mindful lifestyle sharing her tips on what labels she is wearing (lookin great in Vege Threads in the pic above) and how she is helping to make her school a more environmentally friendly place as a Sustainability Officer. Lani is sustainability leader in the making!


Do you have a favourite Instagram account that you would like to share with us? Proclaim your insta-love in the comments section below.

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