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Someone once said that ‘life is what happens when you are busy making other plans‘. That someone, whoever they happen to be, didn’t stop to contemplate the plight of the university student. For these poor suckers, life is what happens for everyone else while they are busy making deadlines and dosh.

If you happen to be wondering why I’ve slipped of the side of the planet- which is a genuine concern for those of the Flat Earth Society Persuasion– for the last couple of months, the awkward research proposal video below will give you a bit of an overview. Awkward, yes…. but I might just add that said awkward video got some good marks despite the fact the presenter is OBVIOUSLY reading a teleprompter on an ipad that is precariously balanced on a stack of too-heavy art books on a potted plant stand with spindly legs placed on there wrong angle. Perhaps I should have interviewed myself Cara style as a ploy to pretend I’m this succinct and ‘um’ free naturally? Let’s save that trick for the PhD. confirmation!

Supporting Research

You will see this e-space transform over the remainder of 2018. Sustainability in Style will still be 100% free from external advertising, it will still provide you with content through this News feed (formally known as a ‘blog’) but it’s going to be bigger and better, with Eco Style Insiders launching, real-life events, an Adopt Shop for fashion, along with an e-store of resources. Why? Because I can’t afford to do research, run this space, and work as a plant scientist. Somethings gotta give. If you value what happens here at Sustainability in Style you can become a member or shop through this space.

Sharing the Journey

Like Darwin finding his land legs as he steps off the HMS Beagle onto Australia’s mysterious soil for an adventure in investigation (and them weird looking platypus things), research for me has often seen me on shaky ground. Finding your footing, especially in new and overwhelming territory, can be really difficult.

A lot of the time you wish you had never set sail, that you could climb back into the safe womb of the cargo hold, and sail to familiar ground (which in my case would be a full time job and actual recreation time). However the grit in your heart says a hard ‘NO’ to quitting. That giving up on your curiosity because there is little money and not much scaffolding for all thing sustainable would mean reining in that wild part of your heart. The inner 4 year old who never stops asking why and can’t deal with standing by while others experience pain (which for me is the pain of a tree cut down.. a common occurrence here in QLD, Australia’s tree felling capital).

Which is why, at the present moment, I work diligently- perhaps stubbornly- towards my research goals. Sure, it feels like I’ve been pushing a boulder up a hill for around three years now- and maybe this is the space to admit that every time I stop to admire the view the boulder slips twenty five paces back down the steep slope. But with your help and this crazy-ass-sanity-defying-push to the finish line. This space might, just might, one day, over the next few months, be able to support me to do my sustainability research, pay all the bills, and not be working around the clock for a less-than-minimum wage.

As we all know- sustainability isn’t sustainable if it’s not finically sustainable and there is nothing ethical about working for free!

Well- enough blabbing. The idea of adding this ‘Research’ category to the News section is that I believe in transparency. It’s also because you guys seem to be really genuinely interested in what I’m researching (which is baffling because most people glass over and nod when I start talking about research in day-to-day life). So please, indulge your inner nerd with the (probably not very interesting) overview of what makes my heart announce a hard-no on quitting.




Did you watch? Make it all the way through? Got some resources, comments, or feedback you want to share? Please tell me all below. Your input to the research goals are all welcome and please note that this is just a proposed outline of what I’m up to… not a concrete boot journey to PhD. atlantis. Adjustments can and will be made. Thanks in advance for your feedback!


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