The fashion industry is high on mushroom innovations.

If you read regurally the idea of fabric from mushrooms might have a sense of déjá vu about it, and for a good reason. I’ve posted on this subject before.  Like all things that are worth doing, there is more than one crew with their finger in the mushroom fabric pie. MuSkin is different from MycoTEX in that rather than growing shrooms for their fibre making prowess, MuSkin uses the skin of the mushroom hat to create their leather fabric substitute. It comes from the Phellinus ellipsoideus, which is a kind of big parasitic fungus that grows in the wild and attacks the trees in the subtropical forests.


MuSkin fabric properties.

The process of creating MuSkin is simmilar to  the way animal leathers are created. However regular animal leather tanning is usually done using some pretty nasty chemicals, while MuSkin uses only natural processes. Which makes it a whole lot better for you and the environment than normal animal leathers or the nasty non-biodegradable and non-renewable resource oil based ‘Vegan’ leathers. The non toxic nature of Muskin makes it a great resource for wearable accessories such as watch straps or ‘leather’ bracelets because there is no worry about having toxic tanned hides rubbing against your absorbent skin. MuSkin is apparently (can’t vouch for this because I haven’t felt it) a very soft “touch” fabric that’s similar to a suede leather and its consistence, or texture, goes from soft to slightly harder as cork. It’s also biodegradable, breathable and has been shown to have some natural water repelling properties. It’s definitely one to watch out for, or if you are a designer you can source it at Life Materials for small production runs (which is it’s suggested serving because it’s apparently a little inconsistent in it’s look, feel and thickness). The bag above is (according to Ecoterre) made from MuSkin and I have to say that from the look of it I wold be a big fan of this beauty.

What do you think? Would you buy the MuSkin bag? Have you heard of any other labels that use it? Share your thoughts on this or anything else that springs to mind in the comments section.


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