Joe and Lucy’s #garmentgratitude story as told to and reported by Katie.

Truthfully I stalked this pair along the footpath mesmerised by Lucy’s well loved hat. She and Joe had the most wonderful outfits on so I had to stop them to ask if they would take part in the #garmentgratitude movement. Lucy said she was very grateful for hand-me-downs.

When I asked her for more info about her outfit she said that she was wearing well loved hand-me-downs from family and friends. She appreciated them because hand-me-downs ‘extend the life of clothes and allow them to live different lives through different people’. Just when I thought Lucy couldn’t be any more perfect she said:

’the person who has it next gives it a style reincarnation and a new life’

Joe was hesitant about being in the photo but his outfit was too good to pass up. He added the eco-action for the World Environment Day festival

‘I will recycle and reuse my beer cup’.

Boom! Enough said. Turns out Lucy is in the process of creating her first jewellery collection (@OrionsBelt) which judging by the rings on her fingers (which, in hindsight I should have photographed…DUH) looked pretty gosh-darn awesome.

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