Just keen on fair fashion.

Hey folks. A little while back I was excited to introduce you to Project JUST, a community based around providing shoppers with an easy search option to find out the manufacturing details on their fave fashion brands. Since it’s launch Project JUST has gone from strength to strength. As many of those out there in business know, providing great services like this for free isn’t always easy. Which is why this amazing project is running a crowdfunding campaign to help support their growth. Between June 22-July 22 they aim to raise $30,000 to to change the way we shop.


Just what is it all about?

Project JUST is building a community to help shoppers learn the stories behind their clothes. Their online platform features brand profiles researched by ethical, social, and environmental factors and a magazine of features including shopper profiles, neighborhood guides and styling posts to help shoppers put their values into action. They are committed to fostering transparency in the industry, and to growing a community of shoppers, journalists, brands and retailers who can positively exercise their knowledge, ultimately, championing the farmer or worker at the bottom of the supply chain. The goal of the fundraising mission is to support Project JUST’s work in three ways: They’ll add 100 brands to their platform, publish 12 JUST Approved guides and growing the community and the JUST Approved symbol, a seal of approval for the fashion industry over the next 12 months. What a platform like this means for you is that you won’t have to spend countless hours trawling the web trying to work out what brands are ethical and what ones are not-so-ethical. 

What you can do to raise the profile of ethical and sustainable fashion.

If you have a little spare cash click here to help secure the upwards rise of the Project JUST platform. The lovely Ellie from Project JUST has just let me know that there are three Zady fashion perks of $50 available for those who donate $75. Which means you can feel great about contributing $75 dollars to support this conscious fashion community, then you get to go and spend $50 at a fab ethical and sustainable fashion brand (I would buy this and still have some spare voucher money left over). Double score!  If you don’t have the cash to donate (which is my current situation) you can blab all about Project JUST and their crowdfunding campaign to your friends, family, coworkers, on social media, or just start telling all the people waiting in like at the supermarket (a captive audience MUHAHAHAHA). You can also get online and let people know about your love of ethical and sustainable fashion through social media. Take a snap of yourself in your fave  sustainable, fair trade, and/or vintage clothing (however you define ethical fashion) and post them online as an #OOTD (which is outfit of the day… you would be surprised how many people ask about this acronym) and use the tags #IAMJUST and @projectjust (Facebook and Instagram) or @project_just (twitter) with a little bit of story about the origins of your outfit. I will be sharing some of mine of my fave OOTD’s over the next month both here and on social media.

Have you ever used Project JUST? Tell us your thoughts. Perhaps you just want to share your fave ethical/sustainable places to shop. Feel free to chat below and share all your shopping secrets.