Katie’s #garmentgratitude story from @sustainabilityinstyle

Let’s start a #garmentgratitude movement! To be a part of this mindful and sustainability based social media action all you have to do is share a pic of yourself in an item you love and tell us why you love it. Then say thanks to people and/or the planet for making it and pledge one positive action you plan to take while wearing it.

Today I’m in my @elegantees dress. I am grateful for this dress because it’s comfy and helped me raise money and awareness for bonded labour and sex trafficking victims as part of the dressember campaign. Thank you to the people that made it for me and the earth for providing the comfy cotton. I will show my gratitude by picking up at least three bits of litter today!

Be sure to tag me or email me your pic so I can add it and your story to the #garmentgratitude wall! Let’s share some happiness and love in a media saturated with fear and sadness.

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