Guys and Gals rejoice! Monkee Genes are here to save the eco-denim day. Catering for pretty much any cut, fit, fabric and colour your heart desires at a range of price points (peanuts and upwards) Monkee Genes is a one stop shop for your denim needs.

Born in 2006 from a frustration with the denim market, Monkee Genes is the brain child of designer Phil Wildbore. His aim was to create a product that was as fresh, vibrant and on-trend as high street fashion denim, but with heart, soul and ethical conscious.

I recommend taking a few minutes to watch the video above. Wildbore’s motivation behind his company and his rationale for buying a pair of Monkee Genes (that he and his team have cooked up from their idillic countryside office) over a two pairs of ‘fast food’ jeans, really brought a smile to my face. Such a friendly and charismatic man with a passion for doing things the right way.

These will be on my radar if I need to replace any jeans once my challenge ends!



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