Exhaling Stress

How is your year going?

Sometimes the New Year can bring unrealistic expectations about ourselves or others, or even drag forward things we are holding on to from the year past. This meditation (the first of many this year for Eco Style Insiders) was developed to help you relax and let go.



Mindful Meditation and acting sustainably

There’s been research conducted into how Sustainably Stylish people (like yourselves) integrate mindfulness and meditation into their lives to foster sustainable behaviours. A survey based research study conducted in 2009 looking at the relationship between mindfulness meditation, pro-environmental behaviour and personal quality of life found that there is statistically significant truth to the idea “what’s good for personal well-being is also good for the planet’. The survey of 829 members of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship (folks with experience in mindful meditation and being eco-friendly) showed links that both meditation and acting environmentally can increase your overall happiness but the relationship between mediation and feel-good living is a bit easier to significantly quantify.

A more recent academic review of studies trying to delve into the psyche of mindfulness and sustainable consumption also showed positive signs that there is a positive link between mindfulness and being a more sustainable consumer, however, this does require a lot more research because we are complicated people with complicated purchasing habits!

All this science goes to prove that by taking time out for some mindful-me-time you can improve your happiness and well-being and subtly shift yourself towards being a more environmentally aware human.

Note from Katie

Go with the flow.  

Who loves to meditate? I know I do! There’s nothing like being able to check out for a short time to really get some perspective on where your mind is at. This meditation contains a reading that a dear friend shared with me (thank you Bec of Peppermint Magazine).  I hope that it helps you breath deep, and go with the 2018 flow. There will be plenty more meditations through Sustainability in Style this year with the launch of Eco Style Insiders.

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