What Hydrates Your Soul

When living life in #sustainablestyle gets challenging?

You know, those times when you just think ‘IT’S TOO 🤬HARD’ or ‘I’m too small to make a difference’

We all have different ways replenishing supply but here’s a few simple tips from on maintaining a holistic balance.

🍃Head out into nature and stop for a breath. This is best done with no shoes on and your devices on silent. Seriously… put it away. Don’t bother with the camera (it’s hard… we know).

📚Spend time with a good book. Or better still spend some time chatting with good friends about a good book! We recommend A Life on Our Planet by David Attenborough.

👗 Spend time in your closet finding something you own that makes you feel amazing. Wear it all day- with gratitude to the people who made it (read the care label and see where it was made).

🤸‍♂️Visit your inner child for an afternoon. What would your six year old self do with an afternoon of free time? Let yourself do it (especially if adult you thinks it’s silly).

🧘‍♂️Meditate- with butterflies. New release on IGTV and YouTube (featured below). Video-bombed by butterflies and doggies!

🌱 Talk to the plants (they are great listeners).

💓 Grow the global love. There’s a lot going on right now. Find a way to make someone else feel good. Pay it forward for a meal or coffee. Make a meal from a friend. Pick up an extra lot of veggies for your neighbour from your local farmers markets.

What are your suggestions? How do you nourish yourself?