Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String…

Gift wrapping is a totally unnecessary and time wasting act but there is no denying the fact that the excitement of a present is around 80% related to the fact that you can’t see inside. If someone gives you a block of chocolate sans-wrapping you are pretty excited about getting it. Wrap that same block of chocolate in a pretty piece of paper and suddenly receiving it is the most exciting thing that’s happened to you all week.  From this example we can see that while wrapping presents is a bit of a crazy and superfluous thing to do, it really is fun for both the recipient and the gifter. As long as we are wrapping our goodies in pretty little packages let’s have a look as some of the fun ways we can do this without having too much impact on the planet.


Fabric Wrap.

Wrapping with fabric can be a really fun and creative way to gift presents. You can use old un-repariable clothing or sheets to wrap gifts, you could even dye them, paint them, draw on them with a sharpie, or hand stamp them to make the wrapping more festive. You could also use thrifted scarves and follow the tutorials provided by Lush Cosmetics for their knot-wraps to come up with creative ideas on how to wrap your gifts. Using a scarf as wrapping means that the recipient could also wear the gift wrap. However, if the recipient isn’t a scarf wearer you could simply ask for the wrapper back and use it again for another gift. To keep the fabric wrapping in circulation (be it a scarf or old used clothing) ask the gift recipient to gift you back an item in the future in the wrap. Or if you don’t think this tradition will catch on, you can wrap in a biodegradable fabric like cotton that the person can use as a cleaning clothing before composting.


Hand Drawn or Stamped Recycled Paper

One of the easiest ways to recycle old paper and packaging is to use it to wrap gifts. While brown paper that’s used for packaging can be beautiful and simplistic on it’s own, when it comes to Christmas time it’s nice to have things looking festive. I really like the beautiful example from Mini Eco (pictured above) where simple brown paper is transformed into something pretty magical with a silver gel pen. You could make this idea more festive by drawing Christmas trees and candy canes. Stamping is the perfect way to get professional looking wrapping paper on the cheap! I’ve personally invested in a large collection of rubber stamps that I use for making cards, wrapping paper, and personalising notebooks, but you can just as easily create your own potato stamp using this tutorial from The Perfect Pear if you want to save money and clutter.


Recycled Newspaper Wrap

With the right newspaper pages you can create the most beautiful and simplistic wrapping paper. I really like the example above (from here) as the edition of some twine, mini pine cones and some wooden beads make the whole thing look pretty and festive without being over the top. The best tip for wrapping with newspaper is to find some pages with minimal advertising and colour as these can look a bit distracting. Newspaper is a really inexpensive way to wrap large gifts. 


Magazine Wrap

Last but not least is magazine wrapping. This would have to be one of my favourite ways to wrap gifts as some of the magazine out there have the most beautiful imagery and matt pages (Frankie, Yen, and Peppermint mage are not only great to read but make beautiful wrapping). Some of my gift wrapped goodies can be seen at the top of this post. I’ve also include the picture above (from here)  to show just how pretty a gift can look even when it’s wrapped in what looks like an IKEA catalogue. My top tip is to tie presents with string rather than using sticky tape.

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How do you wrap your presents? Share your tips below!


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