Make your own soap. 

 With this super simple zero waste liquid soap recipe.

It’s suitable for all values motivators.

If Environmental Sustainability is your thing it should be an easy swap. If you’re motivated for social good it might excite you to know that you can buy soap nuts that are Fare Trade and give to charity. Animal’s your thing? This recipe is vegan and cruelty free. For the busy streamline living and simplicity focused folks- this recipe takes around 12 minutes. It’s probably faster than going to the supermarket for liquid soap and you can get the nuts delivered to your door if you buy online.

You need 6 soap nuts, 500ml of water, a pump dispenser, strainer, and a pot. Boil nuts in water. Reduce heat and simmer for ten minutes. Strain. Add some essential oil if you like. Pour into dispenser bottle.

Check it out on YouTubeIGTV.

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