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Way back in 2014 in the midst of my Wardrobe Workout self imposed shopping ban I was fortunate enough to be invited to an event that included several of my favourite things. Delicious food and drinks, a runway show, puppies, thrifted fashion markets (that sadly I couldn’t shop at), and supporting charity. The host of this incredible Salvo’s stores and Guide Dog’s event was the beautiful Faye De Lanty. An Australian TV icon and the official Salvo’s Stores ambassador. Ged was star stuck by seeing not one but two of his favourite childhood TV hosts in the one location (‘Ranger Stacey‘ Thomson was also there to enjoy the fashion and guide dog puppies) and I thought it was about time that Sustainability in Style readers got to hear from the woman herself. A big thank you to Faye for taking time out from making the World a more glamorous place to answer some questions for us.


A Chat with Thrift Royalty

For those readers out there that are meeting yourself and Fashion Hound for the first time would you kindly introduce the woman and the mission behind your blogging adventure?

Hello my lovely eco conscious compadres! My name is Faye De Lanty, I am an eco stylist and ambassador for Salvos Stores. I work in the media and have a regular fashion segment on Ch9’s Today Extra (formerly known as Mornings) and I have a sustainable style blog by the name of Fashion Hound. In short, I am super passionate about changing peoples perception of second hand…I love blowing their minds on just how eco chic it can be and indeed why its of vital importance that we reuse, reinvent and reduce our fashion footprint.


Could you shed a little light on the interesting title of your blog? Word is that you are major fan of furry four legged friends…

Huge fan! I actually think I’m part dog. Fashion Hound is named after my beloved beagle Soho who I was blessed to have in my life for 13 years. Aside from teaching me about all the important things in life – like gratitude, presence, joy, loyalty and the benefits of a good belly rub 😉 Soho was obsessed with food, always hunting and sniffing for treats…this is exactly like me with fashion, I am the human style version of my hound Soho so the name is just perfect. I like to think she lives on through my stories. I’m definitely looking at doing more with dogs on Fashion Hound in the future.

What is your personal style motto?

Well I am a Libran so this can change daily! Sometimes I love a classic less is more aesthetic with lots of drapey neutral layers, distressed denim and a white tee… then I see the latest Saint Laurent 2016 Fall Winter collection and I want to be a 70’s glam rock bohemian babe all over again! My parents lived this life in London (where I was born) and it’s a huge inspiration for me.

That aside I think go for what really suits you, that you feel great in…you must wear the clothes, never allow them to wear you.


You spend a great deal of time working on personal eco styling? Has there been a memorable experience in your styling career that you would like to share with Sustainability in Style?

I think creating our boutiques has been a big deal for me, it’s my canvas to show consumers just how chic second hand can be! I even opened one in NYC – that was a hugely exciting time for me. Also dressing models in op shop finds for my Ch9 segments fills my heart with great joy too. I really love finding beauty in things people have forgotten, I believe in the underdog haha!

As an ambassador for Salvo’s stores Australia do you have five top tips for getting the most out of thrift shopping?

  1. Treat it like a normal shopping experience – only buy the things you really need and love. Change your perception of what op shops are – they are so much more than daggy destinations filled with retro and costumes…there are serious amounts of eco chic to be found
  2. Go with an idea in mind – what do you need or do you have an event you are going to? Perhaps you have seen a look you love – start by just looking for that to avoid the overwhelming feeling.
  3. Educate yourself – learn about fashion, follow the trends, look at websites like WhoWhatWear and Vogue Runway. British Vogue is my bible – it has taught me so much about the language of style and not just the editorial. The advertisements hold so much information about the aesthetics of brands – it’s because of these that I can now replicate looks from Chanel, Balmain etc for less. It really is the thinking womans fashion mag!
  4. DIY and customise – so much of what we see in fashion, especially now is quite simple to replicate. You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for ripped jeans when you can do it yourself.
  5. You can absolutely build a super stylish wardrobe with op shop finds….my suggestion is to start with the fashion fundamentals – the basics like a great black dress, cool denim, a classic trench for example then you can add the trends and play around with ideas from there.


What would be your most amazing thrifted or second-hand finds?

In NYC: My $800 black suede pointy toe Manolo Blahniks for $25 (They still had the price tag on the sole, I think they must have been worn once. I swear angels sang when I slipped my feet into them 😉

In Sydney: An original 1973 levi’s denim jacket, the natural distressing is amazing. It was so cheap because the store manager thought it was faulty!

I also found the most incredible spotted pony skin vintage cowboy boots for my man Lee for $30, when he first saw them he said ‘Wow, can I really wear them!?’ To which I said ‘Just try them on babe’…now he is obsessed with them!

In London: A authentic Burberry trench for 40 quid


Many of us (myself included) recognise your beautiful face from the Australian Children’s TV series ‘Totally Wild’ which had a focus on nature and animals. The old saying goes ‘never work with children or animals’ and you combined both don’ts in one career. Do you have any memorable, funny, moving, or exciting television moments that you would like to share?

OMG there isn’t enough time to tell you how many memorable experiences I had with Totally Wild – that show gave me so much! It taught me the art of story telling and connected to me to caring for our planet deeply. I was extremely fortunate to do the things I did, I think playing with tiger cubs was a definite highlight, as was spending one on one time with ring tailed lemurs.

PS working with kids and animals is the best training ground ever, you’ll never learn adaptability like it anywhere else!

If there were one ‘ultimate thrift’ item you would like to find waiting for you in a thrift store what would it be?

A authentic chanel jacket or Chanel bag…I genuinely think I would pass out! #Glambulance

A huge glamorous thank you to Faye for sharing her wisdom here. May all her thrifted Chanel dreams come true! 

Has this interview has made you think twice about the way you look at thrifted items? Perhaps you already shop secondhand and want to share your most treasured secondhand discovery? Whatever the case let us know all about it below.

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