Train your brain and change the world.

It’s that time of year again! Each May (last year excluded because the program wasn’t happening) Sustainability in Style gets a little bit obsessed with mindfulness. Why? Good question. It’s because May is the month for meditation, mindfulness and giving. Mindful in May is a one month, online meditation training program that teaches science based mindfulness meditation tools to busy people, who want to feel less stressed and experience greater happiness and flourishing in life.

I choose to promote a mindful way of living because I believe (through my studies) that mindfulness is a key component in being a conscious consumer and a good World citizen. Being mindful of your inner workings helps you become aware of your actions and their repercussions. Which is why- for one whole month- I get online and blab all about mindful relationships with clothing, purchasing habits and mindful lifestyles while raising money for a worth cause with a fabulous team of meditators!

Join the team and get mindful together for a cause.

Along with learning tools to transform your own life for the better, signing up to the Mindful in May challenge means that you are invited to contribute to a greater global cause through donating or fundraising to transform the lives of others living in poverty. The challenge is a 10 minute a day Mindful in May global online meditation fundraising to bring the gift of clean, safe drinking water to the 1 in 10 people on the planet who struggle daily without access to this most basic human need.

Whether you are brand new to meditation or just needing some motivation to get back on track, this month long challenge will offer you powerful tools and teachings to transform your mind and life towards greater happiness and effectiveness at home and at work.

Are you in need of a mindful break? It might be worth considering joining the cause if you’ve ever felt like:

  • You need better ways to manage your stress
  • You want to learn how to communicate more calmly and effectively with those close to you (especially when you’re emotionally triggered)
  • You worry a lot and want to find ways to stay in the moment and not get so stressed by what’s to come
  • You want to get more focussed so you can work more efficiently and have more  time for relaxation
  • You need to learn how to switch off and tune out the noise so you can feel calmer and more present in life…

If you think you might like to get involved you can head on over to the Mindful in May site and register yourself (it costs money but far less than a meditation retreat). You can join our the lovely Tori and I’s Instamates Get Mindful team by searching for us when you apply to join. Alternatively you can click to donate to support our mindfulness journey if you don’t have the time to participate or the cash to pay the full joining fee.

I’m a bit late getting to this post due to my beautiful sisters wedding but I’m hoping some of you can jump aboard to meditate and fundraise with Tori and I! Share your fave mindfulness tips with us below.

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