Knowledge is a vital part of our sustainability journey, and, as hard as it can sometimes be, we need to read some of what is being said in the media.

Mainstream media and social media provide a current mostly-reactionary lens through which to learn about our society’s state and the economic and political issues of the day.

Information about our impact on the planet (short of reporting on natural disasters which are more urgent) is largely presented through slower and more observational reporting processes. A good portion of what we see filter into mainstream media about the environment is reporting on scientific studies that were conducted or data observed over a more extended period. However, the media tends to selectively present, dramatise, or sensationalise findings to get clicks or ratings.

We also get presented with industry-based news. This can be aimed at those in the industry know, or it might be information that the industry has provided consumers about a product, brand, collection, or trend.
All this information is provided across various platforms and channels, each with its agenda or desired reading outcome, which means that daily news perusing can be pretty overwhelming!

This take-action option offers a kind-news challenge that you can choose to use (or not use)!

Let us know how you go! 



 This little experiment is a week-long challenge that give you a brain break from consuming traditional news sources. Banning news perusing from your usual channels and opting in for “Kind-News” only. Kind news is news that is delivered to you via sources in your daily life. It’s your mum ringing you to tell you about the story she saw last night on television, your friend letting you know about a pod-cast she saw that reminded her of you, or the neighbour who tells you about the colder than average winter that’s coming. 

Kind-news shouldn’t replace ALL the news in your life. ESPECIALLY given the changeable times that we are currently living in. However, a week off from consuming news (you still need to check your government regulations for COVID-19 in your area, weather updates and any other ESSENTIAL news for your geographical location) will let you choose a more mindful approach for the future.


If you love the idea of a week of Kind News you can download a PDF copy of our prompts. 


Hello, Katie here, founder of Sustainability in Style here. Personally, at the moment, I choose to get most of my news from “Kind-News” sources, checking the weather once a day and googling ‘COVID-19′ updates for my area. The rest of my news is delivered through the lens of fashion as I read daily updates from trade journals. To hear from voices outside my own networks’ algorithms, I like to look to movements like Echo Chamber Escape . For an academic informed reflection on the days’ news “Kind-News” highlights, I choose to cross-check with sites like The Conversation.  

Sure, this doesn’t keep me up-to-date with everything that is happening globally, but I’m also not overwhelmed by content.   



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