‘The mind is everything, what you think you become’

A quote that has (debatably) been linked to Buddha that fits nicely with todays post about mindfulness. The Mindfulness Summit is a free to join, not-for-profit project with a mission to make mindfulness mainstream, that will be running over the month of October. The team at the Mindfulness Summit believe that the peace, balance and compassion found through mindfulness has the capacity to change the whole world from within.

The summit is promised to be a beautiful, comprehensive and practical online guide to mindfulness with wisdom from leading teachers and experts around the world. Each day of October one speaker will be live for you to access. After the free month is over, the summit will become a product to purchase. You’ll be able to purchase a copy of all the videos (and a collection of meditation audios) from leading teachers around the world with 100% of profits generated from the project to be donated to mindfulness charities.



Mindfulness and Sustainability.

Some regular readers may be aware that Sustainability in Style is a little bit obsessed with mindfulness as an way forward to a more sustainable future. You may want to have a browse through the following posts if you are interested in the link between the two.

Do you agree with the idea that being more mindful is the way forward for a more equitable and environmentally friendly future?

Spill the mindful beans below.