Mindfulness is more than a buzzword.

Hands up who has heard the word ‘mindful’ thrown around their media channels? Yup… I see you there in front of your screen with your hand in the air (you can put it down now). Mindfulness is everywhere. A buzzword from the wellness industry, being mindful is actually so much more than just a trendy idea to throw around at your post-yoga-smoothie catch up. Mindfulness is a mindset not a slogan and it’s much needed in our Trump filled lives.


Sustainability and mindfulness.

Although they seem like unrelated ideas mindfulness and sustainability are like sisters from another mister. Sustainable futurists believe that in order to come together as a species and work holistically towards an equitable and healthy lifestyle for future generations that we need to work collectively. To be a collective citizen one needs to be aware of their impact on the planet and the people in it. This awareness comes from a place of mindful living.

Mindful doesn’t automatically equate to being a good person, an eco-warrior, or a calf hugging vegan. It doesn’t even equal good health (it’s pretty easy to mindfully smoke a cigarette). What it does mean is that you are AWARE of the action you are taking and understand with your mind, and your body, that the act is occurring.

If everyone was to consider at least one new act in a mindful manner every day then we would have a greater awareness of our impacts on the plant and make changes if we see fit. While the world wont change overnight if you mindfully assess your decision to buy organic cotton tampons over regular ones there would be a marked improvement in the way that the tampon industry operated if all people made that same mindful choice.


Mindful style.

Have you seen things advertised as ‘hand made’? Have you ever stopped to think about the idea of ‘handmade’ items? It may (or may not) surprise you to know that most clothing and accessories are made by hand. While there is some mechanisation in the garment industry (especially in the weaving of textiles) most items you own touched many hands, hearts and livelihoods.

The reason why Sustainability in Style likes to focus on mindfulness in may is that we aren’t encouraged very often to think mindfully about our clothing. Whether it’s during the shopping process, wash and wear, or disposal, all stages of our garments lifecycle should be assessed with a little bit of mindful thought. This is something we will look at in depth as the month progresses. If you get in quick you can still join our Mindful in May team and raise money and your awareness levels.

In the mean time accept my apologies that I’m behind on the writing front. Still busy playing catch ups after being away in Tasmania for my sisters wedding (that’s her wedding dress above). I look forward to sharing more on her eco-wedding (if she obliges) some time this month.

What mindful posts would you like to see? Do you have a mindfulness practice? Sharing is caring!