Documentaries Worth Your Time.

I’ve seen a quote going around on social media that says:

Whenever I see people lined up outside of a club on a Saturday night I just thing… Look at all these poor people who don’t know that Netflix exists

and as a Netflix addict (who is in no way affiliated with Netflix other than paying them money for their services) it makes me laugh. Netflix Australia currently has a great collection of environment and style based views that are well worth a watch. Here are a few that I’ve cast my eyes over of late.


Iris Apfel is a quick-witted, flamboyantly dressed 93-year-old style maven who has had an outsized presence on the New York fashion scene for decades. Iris the documentary,  is part testament to the timelessness and artistic legacy of fashion and part legacy to the creativity and soaring free spirit of Iris and her husband Carl as they continue to inspire the fashion world. This documentary is perfect for anyone with an interest in contrast between fashion trends and personal style, and how a 93 year old style muse is playing a part in bridging the gap between trend and timeless style in a World dominated by fast fashion. Image at top from the Apfel Manhattan apartment as photographed by Architectural digest.

Fresh Dressed

Think clothing is just a silly ‘thing’ that you have to get dressed in each day? Each and every item of clothing that you wear, whether you choose to recognise it or not, is part of telling a complex story about who you are and what you value. Fresh Dressed is a CNN special that looks at the evolution of hip-hop ‘urban’ style over the years and how the music industry has, and will continue to influence the fashion industry. While documentary is specific to hip-hop music and the fashion culture that has evolved around it, there is no denying that trends fashion wide are dictated by movements in society, street culture, and the economy. This is a good documentary to watch if you are interested in the complex relationships between cultural movements, personal identity and the way that fashion communicates values. If you are a bit addicted to this style of music and dress you can also watch The Fresh Price of Bell-Air on Netflix at the moment.

Being Ginger

While many of us may not identify a movie about a ‘ginger’ man searching for love to be sustainability or style related, it is in fact a very important look at the way we let our personal identities (or ego) create our life experience.  Being Ginger is an endearing doco that began as one mans humorous quest for love and evolved to become a very personal, open, and vulnerable journey of self discovery for filmmaker Scott P Harris. The documentary takes a look at the superficiality of the look-driven dating landscape through the experiences of a man who defines himself by his red hair. Despite identifying as a red-head who has issues dating due to his red hair Harris states his own personal dating bias in that he too would not date a red-haired person (which seems crazy to me as a woman who dated a ginger for close to four years). After some serious soul searching Harris begins to realise that his problem with finding dates might just be due to internal conflict about his appearance. This documentary is a great watch for those who struggle to come to grips with how they look on the outside, be it due to body shape, characteristics, gender identity, or the way they express themselves through dress. Another resource for those interested in this doco is the Style Like U website that looks closely at how our personality, identity, life experiences and fashion, and how this combines to share our personal ‘style’ with the World.

What have you been watching? Share your Netflix faves below!