Are you a blue jean baby?

I know that denim is pretty much the one item I couldn’t live without in my daily life. It’s easy to dress up, makes a great casual uniform, and can withstand wear and tear and look all the better for it’s adventures. While you can get a decade or more out of a decent pair of jeans, there is something a bit devastating about laying your ol’ blues to rest when they finally become more holes than pants. So what can you do with your old denim? Well there are loads of tutorials that tell you how to turn them into all kinds of good (and some not-so-good) handicrafts on Pinterest , but if your not the handicraft type or just don’t have time for making your jeans into an apron then I have great news for you. You don’t have to be crafty to benefit from recycled and upcycled denim!


MUD Jeans.

To the folks at MUD jeans it didn’t make sense for us consumers to keep unworn or worn out jeans our wardrobes. They also didn’t want to see us throwing our jeans away in order to buy a new pair. Which is why they came up with the concept of a circular denim economy. An economy where waste is seen as a source of growth to make something new where new jeans are created from old jeans. MUD want your old jeans! When they have them in their hot-little-recycling-hands they cut, shred, spin, dye, and weave your old pants into schmick new fabric. Clever huh? You know what- MUD are even more cleverer (yup… more cleverer… you heard right) in that they actually offer the option for you to LEASE jeans from them. *Boom* Mind blown! Lease A Jeans allows you to rent your ol’ blues for a monthly membership fee over 12 months. If you still like your jeans at the end of the year then you keep them. Sick of them? No worries, MUD let you send them back and rent a new pair for another 12 months. If you are over jeans and have moved on to wearing a traditional dhoti instead then you can send your jeans back and MUD will send you a voucher. Now thats REAL guilt free shopping and a primo example of a sustainable business model. Well done MUD!


And Again.

If you like your recycling to be a little more simple. Then look no further than And Again. The crew here take old worn out denim, and upcycle it to make it wearable again. Buying from And Again is like paying someone else to do your Pinterest projects for you. Perfect if you like the idea of bespoke clothing but can’t be assed doing it yourself. And Again have an eye for that relaxed-boho-lifestyle look. Which means that if you want to live our your normcore inspired gypsy lifestyle goals, they may have something to suit you. And Again are committed to sustainability and individuality and are well worth a look if you are on the hunt for something unique.



So you’ve given up your wordly possessions and taken to wearing a traditional dhoti and attending Vipassana retreats as a way to cleanse your psyche (man I’m jealous). You will probably still need something to sit on while you meditate so why not go planet-friendly when selecting your meditation cushion! It will create better karma for your meditative experience. JEANBAG turn your worn out denim into seriously sexy lounge goodies. The started this recycling process to honour the love, labour, and resources that went into the manufacturing, transport, laundering and wear of your jeans. Knowing full well that your worn out denim may no longer be suitable to cover your butt, the JEANBAG team wants to ensure that this denim can get more milage out of life as a place to rest your butt. The denim for the items on the JEANBAG website is sourced through charity operations like The Endeavour Foundation and the RSPCA. This denim (unsuitable for retail stores) that may otherwise have ended up in landfill is purchased from the charities and used to create the ready made designs on the website. You can also send your favourite blue jeans into JEANBAG and have them custom made into a lounge product. This is a great way to recycle your sentimental ol’ blues into something new that you can use every day. My pick for a meditation cushion that will aid in your quest for spiritual enlightenment* is the large Minimalist Cushion in Mid Blue

*spiritual enlightenment is not guaranteed with the purchase of this item.

So there you have it. Recycling made easy! What are some of your favourite ways to recycle denim?