Hello again!

I’m so sorry it’s been a while between posts. In the interest of being authentic I will admit that I am totally exhausted. Won’t blab too much about it, but long-story-short Ged got injured, I had to put my studies on hold and work to keep us going (which became quite the challenge with a blog to tend to as well). The maternity roll I was filling is done and I’m in the process of recovering from six months of adrenaline fuelled work-a-holism. Feeling much better today and like I might have caught up on some of my rest.

Feeling very green and stylish.

In great news I’m super pleased to announce that Sustainability In Style got a mention in the most recent issue of Peppermint Magazine! It was exciting to be included in their Eco Style Influencers feature in Issue 34 of the mag that’s in store now. When the team approached me I couldn’t believe they were interested in my blabbering about Sustainability and I’m really chuffed to be included. I was also lucky enough to be able to share some of my eco-cleaning tips for an article called ‘Green Washing’ on pages 80-81. While I can’t share the whole feature article or cleaning tips with you here (you might have to invest in a copy of Peppermint Mag yourself) I will share with you some of my favourite quotes from the other Eco Style influencers featured.


Update on updates!

Over the next few days I will be reworking the Sustainability in Style site to make it a more user friendly interface and to allow for new and exciting additions that are on the horizon. I hope that the updates don’t interfere with your reading too much (sorry to those who have already emailed me with queries while the site was closed for maintenance over the last couple of days). Please accept my apologies for any interruptions to your regular reading.

Thank you so much Peppermint Mag for the feature and for inviting me to write all about green cleaning. Please share your thoughts on this or your favourite sustainability or fashion quotes below.



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