That plastic bag monster from the Surfrider Eco Challenge Festival is back and creating havoc on a beach near you.

This fun and educational video is courtesy of Boomerang Bags a not for profit organisation based on the Gold Coast that make free-to-borrow bags from recycled materials.

These free to borrow bags are made by community groups from donated materials. The pilot community was established at Burleigh Heads, where the Country Women’s Association, Silkwood School, the Village Circle, correctional facility, and over 100 individual volunteers from the local community created the 2000+ returnable bags now in circulation at the Burleigh shopping village.  With two other community projects under construction it is just the beginning of a great community movement.

Even the most conscientious shopper has those moments where they are caught out at the supermarket without their green bags. Rather than give into the temptation of buying yet another canvas or green bag, or worse still, giving in to the plastic option, having a returnable eco option like a Boomerang bag is the perfect solution as you can take it back when you are done.

If you love this idea Boomerang Bags offers you the support needed to bring this initiative to your local community. Or if you don’t think it would work in your community but would still like to get involved you can choose to volunteer, donate or sponsor the initiative.

There is also a handy online store stocking all the basic essentials to live a ‘plastic free’ lifestyle.

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