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We all want to live our best lives and most of us would like to do so without costing the Earth. Sustainability in Style provides a unique blend of yogic philosophy, mindfulness and science to help you navigate living in sustainable style. Content and events fit into eight categories: grow, stretchbreathestyle, makeplay, read, and share, to help you find the right fit for your current needs on the path to being your most Sustainable Self


Congratulations on taking the time to learn about the importance of play! 

 Einstein famously stated that “Play is the highest form of research”. It’s hoped that you can take some guilt-free time out of your busy schedule to commit yourself to this important act of self-discovery and let your imagination run wild and free. 


Harness the playful power of music 

Listen to sustainability inspired playlists created for world changers and change makers. Playlists designed to:

  • Have a sustainability sing-a-long
  • Combat compassion fatigue
  • Start a revolution 
  • Encourage critical thought. 
  • And MORE! 


The Play News feed shares the joy of play with you through creative content.

If you want additional Play projects, courses and downloads in one easy-access members space check out Mindful Living HQ online.

September Netflix Roundup

September Netflix Roundup

Netflix round up Hey folks! It’s spring but spring doesn’t always mean ‘get outside and do stuff’. Here on the Sunshine Coast we have had the driest winter since 2004, so while I’ve been frolicking in dusty fields, the southerners have been stuck inside and doused...

Netflix Sustainability Round Up

Netflix Sustainability Round Up

What I've been Eyeballing of Late. Ok, I confess that Netflix is my Achilles heel. I try very hard to avoid too much screen time but with the amazing educational stuff streaming on Netflix it's hard to look away. Truthfully, you can learn just as much from a...

Watch This: Fashion Film Laughs for StressDown Day

Watch This: Fashion Film Laughs for StressDown Day

Today is Lifelines 'StressDown day' a day dedicated to reducing stress and raising awareness of lifelines services. Surveys conducted by Lifeline show that 91% of Australians have reported being stressed at work (I would love to know what careers the other 9% have)...


There’s lots of ways to connect here at Sustainability in Style. If you are seeking a group support please join in the Mindful Living HQ members site or communicate on socials. Looking to work together? Use the contact form. Just so you know, Sustainability in Style has always been an educational platform free from advertising. As much as we love sustainable products we won’t be able to help advertise your brand. 

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