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Live Life in Sustainable Style*

*minus the eco-overwhelm

Everyone’s talking about living life in Sustainable Style, and there’s endless posts, resources, news updates, and how-tos for taking action.

Some of us leap headfirst into making all-the-sustainable-changes at once. Simultaneously, others are overwhelmed by the abundance of wicked problems we collectively face and wonder where to start.

Whether you’re a go-getting take-action kind of person, stuck at the ‘where the heck do I start’ phase, or anywhere in between, this worksheet provides an example of just one of the many tools we have available to help support your Sustainably Stylish journey.


Are you looking for a way to break your big-picture sustainable living goals into actionable steps?

This FREE worksheet offers a strategy to simplify those macro-scale sustainability issues into a go-for-it approach to taking action (without the eco-overwhelm).

New Year, New ConsYOUmer Worksheet


This is your New Year, New ConsYOUmer worksheet designed to get you thinking about how you can take action in Sustainable Style this year. We take your big-picture ideas and simplify them down into smaller ‘go-for-it’ actionable steps!

This worksheet runs with our Take-Action theme of ‘New Year, New ConsYOUmer’. You can access this and all our other campaigns via the button below.




If you love our approach to Mindful Planning and want to level-up your Sustainable living experience, we have the ultimate tool for you!

Our self-coaching program ‘Plan for a Better Today and Tomorrow and Live life in Sustainable Style’ offers a comprehensive system for sustainable living based on your values. Over the course of a year our online program and daily planner will coach you to accomplish sustainable-living outcomes without stress or overwhelm.