Quelli's #Garmentgratitude Story

Quelli’s #garmentgratitude story as told to and by Katie


Quelli was chatting to Jenna when I asked him if he would be happy to take part in the #garmentgratitude movement. We felt as though we had met before but couldn’t quite work out where. Regardless of the time and place of initial meeting we found a common passion for the documentary Unravel. He shared his love of the humanness this document fosters as it looks into the lives of women in India who are employed to shred and recycle garments from the west (if you haven’t seen this doco it’s worth a watch). He told me of his fetish for collecting shirts, and that time he wore a skirt and the simultaneous confusion and admiration he encountered while wearing it. On travels to Indonesia he picked up a full circle sarong among many other items. The other items slowly dissipated over time but the sarong remained due to it’s versatility. ‘It can be worn as a scarf, a skirt or a hood’ he explained.

When asked what he was grateful for about his outfit Quelli’s stories only got better.

‘I’m grateful for my scarf that I picked up in Amsterdam’.

The scarf was from a great shop with a very enticing store front. When Quelli attempted to enter the shop he found that the storekeeper acted as a ‘bouncer’ for the merchandise. He would only let people in that passed his once-over gaze and were deemed interesting enough to enter. Quelli passed the test and was invited in. He spent a couple of hours browsing the store finding treasures (including the scarf) drinking vodka and tea, and smoking joints with the store owner who was more interested in meeting interesting people than running a big business. Quelli was prompted by his kids to clean out his closet recently. His eco action was to donate some of his tie collection to a friend who unpicks the ties and makes waistcoats from them by sewing them together.


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