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We all want to live our best lives and most of us would like to do so without costing the Earth. Sustainability in Style provide a unique blend of yogic philosophy, mindfulness and science to help you navigate living in sustainable style. Events fit into eight categories: grow, stretch, breathe, style, make, play, read, and share, to help you the right fit for your current needs on the path to being your most Sustainable Self


Here at Read you will find a library of book titles and news posts that have been selected as stand-out favourites over years of reading on sustainability, environment, and personal development.

This literature, combined with the Sustainability in Style’s live Book-Club meeting ups are great ways to expand your mind and your social circle. 

If you can’t make it along to live book club or prefer to work at your own pace. Self guided learning book-club is available through online Mindful Living HQ so you can work your way through a book on your own, or get together with other members or friends to work together. 


The place to indulge your eyes the Sustainably Stylish way.

Here you will find a collection of posts and recommended reads for your mind food and viewing pleasure. 

If you want to delve a little deeper and can’t make it to live book club check out Mindful Living HQ online for resources to work through in your own time. 

A Scary Fact About Your Favourite Snack: Banana News

A Scary Fact About Your Favourite Snack: Banana News

This shit really is Bananas Instagram followers of Sustainability in Style might be well aware that I’ve been up to some monkey business. Monkey business hey? I hear you muse. What is this all about? Well, in the last few months I’ve taken on a new plant science...

Asquith Adores Blogger Awards Nomination

Asquith Adores Blogger Awards Nomination

Sustainability in Style has been nominated! Over the past few months the team at Asquith have been researching across the web to put together a list of bloggers for their first ever Asquith Adores Blogger Awards! It is with great delight that I get to...

Peppermint Magazine Feature

Peppermint Magazine Feature

Hello again! I'm so sorry it's been a while between posts. In the interest of being authentic I will admit that I am totally exhausted. Won't blab too much about it, but long-story-short Ged got injured, I had to put my studies on hold and work to keep us going (which...

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