A Fresh Start for Values Based Action.

The end of a year usually involves celebration followed by new resolve. Whether you are into resolutions or not there is a good chance that on January first you start to think about what it is that you hope to do or achieve in the year to come. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend a gathering with three of my eco soul sisters (Fashion Hound– Faye De Lanty, the Eco Warrior Princess– Jennifer Nini, and the beam of light personified that is Amanda Rootsey founder of Shine From Within)  and a collection of other fabulously inspiring Fashion Hound family folk. Through our chats we got talking about our dreams for 2017. Which lead me over here to talk goal setting with you accompanied by gorgeous pictures from our hosts upcycled and recycled organic garden. First up I was to say a HUGE love filled thank you to Mumma Fashion Hound for putting on such a wonderful spread and showering us eco gals with vegan treats, endless cups of tea (and some sneaky bubbly) and for giving us tours around the garden.  Big hugs to the rest of Faye’s family too for keeping us company (and insisting on topping up our drinks and feeding us delicious things).

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Identifying your values.

Before we can get started on the setting of goals we need to look at some of the things we value in life. These are usually the topics that make your heart sing or your blood boil. Anything that you feel strong emotions about can provide a starting point for identifying an area that you value and would like to plan around for the year to come. To help you out with this exercise you can click on the pictures or ideas that really appeal to you in some way (perhaps by bringing about emotions) to identify possible key words or ideas for planning your 2017 goals. Once you have identified three ideas or key words that you might want to incorporate into your planning for the new year jot them down on a piece of paper and/or commit them to memory.


Creating a plan.

In many cases the ideas we like to carry forward in the new year (or resolutions as most of us call them) are based around a change of habit, or creating an awareness of a new way of doing things or thinking about things. The reason for the ‘new- year’ based timing is that it provides a calendar measure of our success and an easily identifiable place to start (heck… most of us even attend or throw a party to coincide with the turn of the calendar year and we don’t often forget those). Unfortunately for many-a-good-intention set over this period a lack of strategic planning (and too much tequila) sees the well meaning idea wayside by January end. To avoid our intentions ending up in the trash with all the Christmas party hats let us now look at the idea of setting goals for habit change. Setting goals that will be successful for you in the new year revolves around the idea of ‘SMART goals’. These types of goals are:

  • Specific: Set around a very well targeted point/area/or idea you want to work with. What is your specific idea of success in this area of interest?
  • Measurable: If you can’t measure your success is can be hard to stay motivated. Put in place some measures and date when you will assess them.
  • Attainable: Attainable goals doesn’t mean you should give up your big dreams (anything is possible… Trump is president) however it some times means breaking the big dreams down into little bite sized segments. Mumma Fashion Hounds garden above was the cumulation of a series of bite sized steps towards a big goal (and the biggest sunflower I’ve ever seen).
  • Relevant and Realistic: A relevant and realistic goal feeds directly back into your personal values and your current living situation.
  • Time Bound: New Years provides a great starting point but when do you want to measure (choose increments of time like weeks, fortnights or dates) and how will you know when you have achieved the goal?

I’ve created a planner for you to plot your new years goals on. You can download the planner here. As this is a fashion and style based blog I thought it might be nice to include some ideas about style resolutions based on the images you saw above. Hover over the images below for some ideas on how you might want to shop and/or live your values in the new year.

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My goals.

Last years ‘intention’ got very literal. I’ve always been a bit of a control freak (it’s a Virgo thing) so I promised myself that I ‘would go with the flow‘. Little did I know that 2016 would challenge me to my very core on this intention by throwing every curveball it had at me. Each day has been a reminder that the only constant is change. While it’s been an interesting and somewhat (at times) difficult year I have learned a great deal from it and finally have a very specific plan about what I want to do with my time. This is quite a feat for me as even though I’ve been control freak my whole life I’ve never been a long term planner- tending to sail forth with a general idea of where the winds will take me but very little care as to my actual destination. While it’s odd that a year of letting go could result in more order than ever before my daily existence is still one of total chaos and confusion. Somehow- in some way- 2016 allowed me to be ok with this and surrender. Next year I am NOT setting an intention (learned my lesson there) and I am opting for goals. I can’t share all the details with you here just yet but my goals benefit you, sustainability education literature, and will also benefit me in my ability to share more of my time with you. It’s kind of looking like my masters kerfuffle (I’m not going to explain this because it’s boring and I’ve spent a whole year with this boring mess) might result in the start of a PhD instead. This study will be all based around what I can bring you here on Sustainability in Style and will finally make all the long and challenging hours I have investing in keeping this site advertising free for study purposes worth it’s weight in fabulous contributions to the world of Sustainability Education and teaching people how to be more eco friendly.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the planner I made for you. I’m so very grateful for all the connections this web-based venture has given me. From blinking screens to tangible relationships I am so very blessed. Share your vision for 2017 and any reflections with us below.

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